Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The LS3/5a dream & dilemma

The Rogers LS3/5a gold tag must be my 8th pair of LS3/5a that I have owned or once owned. Previously, I have the dream of collecting all the different LS3/5a speakers.
I started with a Harbeth gold LS3/5a, Rogers 11ohms, followed by a Rogers 15 ohms black tag, 15 ohms white belly, Rogers pusedo 15 ohms, Chartwell LS3/5a, Audiomaster LS3/5a. With the acquisition of the Tannoy and the 755a, I have practically sold all my other LS3/5a as I have found that the bigger speakers such as Tannoy has the advantage of having a wider soundstage and are more versatile in reproducing music such as the Orchestra and multiple instruments.
With the Tannoy Cantebury and WE 755a, the thought of having the ultimate LS3/5a, i.e The Gold Tag has always been at the back of my mind. I was lucky to be able to audition Richard's Gold tag and his other LS3/5a and the music from the Gold tag has left a very deep impression. There were two occasions where I was almost own the gold tag. Once I was offereed a $25,000 gold tag at R33 and last week Percy offered me a pair at $30,000, which I find it too expensive.
The LS3/5a will always be a love hate relationship. Using the performance vs. price ratio, the price for LS3/5a is raelly irrational and abit rediculous. At $12,000 (normal 15 ohms) to $17000 (Chartwell) to a Rogers Gold Tag ($25,000-30,000), the prices are no longer rational. At that price ranges, one could easily get a pair of large speakers such as Tannoy Chartwoth or Lancaster, JBL 4310, Cora Beta 8 with original cabinets etc...
However, LS3/5a being a legendary speakers with an amazing sound plus the increasing demand from China, it is no wonder that the prices of these babies are on a continuous upward trend. In conclusion, I would think that one would need a pair of large speakers such as the Tannoy, Altec, JBL for lisening of large sound stage, a 755a for listening of vocal and violin plus a reference speakers LS3/5a. With the acquisition of the Gold Tag, my hunt for the LS3/5a speakers has come to an end : )
However, the hunter is yet to retire as there is one more pair of speakers to hunt in the hifi jungle, The legendary AR1..
Let the hunt begin!

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Unknown said...

Hello, from Canada.I have a pair of Chartwell LS3/5a silver badge serial# 862 and 863. They are original . They sound very good ,but I do prefer a larger driver . If you know of anyone interested I may sell this pair. sincerely Cliffe Fraser