Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Authographed Cds

These are the Cds given to me by the various singers..hope they all succeed in their singing career!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Richard Strauss Metamorphosen & Mahler 3

Richard Strauss Metamorphosen conducted by Karajan is considered as one of the best!

See comments:

By Michael A Pahre (Cambridge, MA) - See all my reviews
Most lovers of Mahler---be they devoted or fleeting---find his Symphonies No 1, 4, or 5 to be the most accessible. The Symphony No 8 is rarely heard because of the large number of performers required, while the 2nd is heard fairly often despite nearly similar requirements. Lost among this list is the 'Great' Symphony No 3: a vast sea of music and emotion that is rarely tackled in the present day probably due to its sheer length (more than 100 minutes in most performances).

The 3rd symphony is a unique piece of classical music in that virtually every human emotion can be found among its six movements and many pages. While Mahler later discounted his programmatic descriptions of the movements, they genuinely provide insight into this work. The first movement, as long as anything Bruckner ever wrote, describes the awakening of the world and begins with a glorious horn soli that can be found nowhere else than in Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony. The work passes by the animals and flowers, finally arriving in the wisdom of children and love in the 5th and 6th movements, respectively. The finale ends with one of the most beautiful yet dramatic passages in all of late German Romanticism.

Jascha Horenstein is not a marquee name conductor, but this one recording from the early 1970s vaulted him to exalted status among aficionados of the Mahler symphonies. He draws a top-notch performance from an orchestra which is not among the world's best. The horn section plays with remarkable sound and intonation, the trombone, posthorn, and violin solos are all among the best to be found in any recording, and the pace of the entire work is careful laid out to the listener. I first purchased the LP two decades ago, and it has remained among my most treasured recordings. While Bernstein's recording with the New York Philharmonic in the 1960s is thought by many to be the most exciting or definitive, or the recording by Levine with the Chicago Symphony as having the greatest overall sound, the Horenstein recording attains the best overall performances and unity of expression.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


For those who love mandarin music cannot missed Chi Yi Cds..

Tsai Chin again and again!

My love for Chi Chin music continues with this 2001 CDs. Many of the songs were unique with use of ethnic Indian influence..

年份 專輯 發行商
1982年9月 《一千個春天》四海
1982年9月 《再愛我一次》海山
1982年11月 藍色的夢》海山
1983年3月 《不了情》海山
1983年5月 《昨夜之燈》海山
1984年4月 《此情可待》
1985年7月 《癡癡的等》 蔡琴老歌 - 癡癡的等 飛碟唱片
1986年 蔡琴個人演唱會精選》
1986年3月 《傷心小站》(HEARTBREAK STATION)
1986年10月 人生就是戲》(LIFE IS A SHOW) 飛碟唱片
1986年12月 《飛向未來》飛碟唱片
1987年9月 《第一種聲音》飛碟唱片
1987年11月 《時間的河》飛碟唱片
1987年12月 《美就是心中有愛》飛碟唱片 中華民國小姐選拔特別專輯
1988年6月 《火舞》(DANCE OF FIRE) 飛碟唱片
1989年10月 《談心》(ABOUNT HEARTS) 飛碟唱片
1990年12月 《回到未來》~國語懷念老歌 飛碟唱片
1990年12月 《回到未來》~台語懷念老歌 飛碟唱片
1991年12月 《太陽出來了》飛碟唱片
1992年7月 《你不要那樣看著我的眼睛》波麗佳音
1993年9月 《一曲成名-輝煌時代》飛碟唱片
1994年1月 《新感情舊回憶》點將唱片
1995年7月 《午夜場》點將唱片
1996年1月 《民歌蔡琴》點將唱片
1996年2月 《情歌蔡琴》
1996年6月 《飄浪之女》台語專輯 點將唱片
1997年7月 《心太急》點將唱片
1998年2月 《答案》滾石 與萬芳合唱單曲
1998年9月 《原聲帶》華納唱片
1999年2月 《音樂大世紀-歌癮十五年》飛碟唱片 飛碟群星合輯
1999年9月 《精選蔡琴》EMI
1999年9月 《沒有男人的房子不算家》華納唱片 【天使不夜城】歌舞劇原聲帶
2000年3月 《機遇》果陀劇場 【淡水小鎮】原聲帶
2000年6月 《遇見》常喜
2000年9月 《花天走地》環球
2001年2月 金片子【壹】- 天涯歌女 常喜
2001年2月 金片子【貳】- 魂縈舊夢 常喜
2001年7月 《橘子紅了》常喜
2001年9月 《繼續》常喜
2002年1月 《蔡琴一起走來香港演唱會Live》倍特
2002年8月 《意亂琴迷》蔡琴懷舊精選 華納唱片
2003年9月 《情盡夜上海回憶錄》果陀劇場 【情盡夜上海】雋永老歌歌舞劇
2004年2月 《最動聽的蔡琴》華納唱片
2004年3月 《抒琴時間》華納唱片
2004年7月 《銀色月光下》廣州天藝
2005年5月 《一千個春天》【經典復刻版】五四三音樂站
2007年4月 《不了情2007經典歌曲香港演唱會》環球唱片
2007年10月 蔡琴《金聲演奏廳》環球唱片
2008 No Regret

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have just returned from Taipei business trip! After a long day of meeting, I have managed to go to my usual CD shop CD Republic to source for my CDs. I have managed to find two first edition Mandarin Cds..

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Good bye Rogers LS3/5a Gold badge

This evening, my Rogers LS3/5a Gold Tag has left my place and going into a better home..

The feeling was mixed as I was feeling a bit sad as it has taken me much time to find the pir of nice condition gold badge. However, since the speakers have been left untouched for so long, it may be better for other who can take good care o them. How many set of speakers can one listen at any one time right?

3 set perhaps ... Tannoy Cantebury, 755a, JBL L65, German fullrange?

Monday, February 02, 2009

Leak TL12.1 revisited

My pair of leak TL12.1 were almost sold just before Chinese new year. Luckily, the buyer has changed his mind : )...

I have received many offers for the Leak 12.1. In addition, I have also received many friends (KY, Alan, etc) who have asked me not to sell my pair of 12.1. This evening, I have taken another look at my leak TL12.1 and was really impressed with the overall condition and the nice internal capacitors. I think it will be hard to find another set of 220v 12.1 in such condition. I have remembered the long process of getting these set (It all started with a set of closed frame 12.1, later bought one set of 110v Leak 12.1, and finally bought one unit of 220v Leak 12.1 and finally matching it with a same period 220v Leak TL12.1. I have also replaced all the capacitors with super metal packs as well as found the two metal plate for the leak as well.

I shall be returning to HK on Wednesday and the Leak TL 12.1 and Marantz 7 will be left behind in Singapore for good... : )

No sales is good!