Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chario Piccolo Star speakers

The other day, my son has requested for a decent speakers for his room and I have decided to search a pair for him.

There are many brands of speakers to choose from and since he intends to use it in his room, I have decided to look for a pair of small speakers that will fit into his study table and his room and I came across the Chario Star 

Details for the speakers:

Chario Piccolo has been around for almost four years, winning his laurels all over the world. His original technical content has been worth of many excellent reviews. But today his "perceived value" has been further improved thanks to some innovation:

  • Neodimium Tweeter Poly-silk dome with added back volume for resonance reduction;
  • Polymeric Compound & Carbon Fiber woofer diaphragm;
  • Crossover with narrow tolerance Hi-Grade passive components;
  • Double-Body Cabinet made of solid wood & HDF for edge diffraction control and vibrational modes reduction (Constellation Series type).



The Chario Piccolo Star Satellite is the proud heir of the 2002 award-winning Piccolo Star; not only does it
carry on the high-class heritage, but it also adds to everything there is: the impressive sound quality coming from such diminutive loudspeakers astonishes the unaware listener, the renewed technology specs, providing longer-lasting, better performance for everything you might be playing, in stereo or surround applications. 

The Chario Piccolo Star Satellite may be a rather small unit but it can actually develop a very neat sound, with both the clarity you'd normally expect from a Chario speaker and the power that will have your audio media almost thundering in your room, no matter whether speaking about movie soundtracks or music. The Chario Piccolo Star Satellite can deliver as much as 80W continuous power in 88dB sensitivity and runs in a most convenient 8 Ohms impedance that will let you easily find a suitable amplifier while the sculptural cabinet is bass reflex-ported and can be placed almost anywhere across the room thanks to its small size. 

This small satellite can be even used in small stereo applications as it will more than successfully replace your common plastic in-a-box crappy desktop speakers, fro example. The Chario Piccolo Star Satellite comes with a neat wooden cabinet in natural wood veneer finishes like black ash, two maple versions and cherry and will integrate in pretty much any home d├ęcor. 

The driver complement consists of two units: one is the concave cone-woofer, for bass and midrange, able to go as low as 90Hz and sporting a carbon fiber-reinforced polymeric compound membrane for strong operation without distortions and unwanted resonance. The upper end of the audio spectrum is covered by the 25mm polymer-coated silk soft dome tweeter whose response reaches 20kHz for shimmering HF-sound and a great sonic imaging.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vintage speakers revisited

This weekend, I have took out my old vintage speakers, a pair of Altec 755c Fullrange speakers and 1972 Philips high fidelity international Fullrange speakers for playing. I have always loved the natural sound of these full range speakers despite the limitation that they have..

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Passive pre

Passive pre by maxbliss888
Passive pre, a photo by maxbliss888 on Flickr.

Been a while...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Michael learns to rock

This Cd brings lots of memories as I remembered I was working in Vietnam in 1997 when Micheal learns to rock music was everywhere. Nice melody and singing.. 

This album Piant my love is great as many of the hits songs were included in the cd: including Paint my love,sleeping child, that's ay ( you go away), 25 minutes.... This cd is a must have for all those who loves the 1990s...