Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year 2009 Year of the Ox

I have not been very active in updating my blog lately as I was busy traveling for work as well as learning my new hobby : Wing Tsun martial art 詠春拳every night after work from 7pm till 10pm. The need for exercise has become critical as I have been spending hours using PC everyday and night causing backache and back pain.

With the new exercise, I can feel fitter and have more energy for work as well. My listening time for hifi has been drastically reduced but I have been trying to balance work, exercise and music.

With the Chinese new year, I did some spring cleaning by listing out the items that I plan to cut down as I feel much contentment without the need for so many vintage gears... I have decided to keep only the WE124b, Western Electric 755a, Tannoy Cantebury and JBL L65.. Less is more..

: )

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Busy busy

I have been rather bust lately owing to the need for constant business trips and the moving of apartment. My apartment is now almost 90% ready (still have a few more unopened boxes) but the move has forced me to clear away some unwanted items and some excess items as well. Chinese New Year is coming...good time to do some spring cleaning!