Thursday, December 20, 2012

VIntage Hifi versus other Vintage collectables

Some of my friend has asked why I have stopped collecting vintage hifi gears and have instead focusing on vintage watches.

One key reason is due to the space constraint in HK and with the need of constant move of apartment, it will increase the probability of damage. In addition, with the need for business travels has also shortened the time for listenig of music.

One of the key reason is also due to the retirement of good repairman for vintage hifi gears. Previously, in Mongkok, one can easily find 3 or 4 repairman for vintage gears. Now, I can hardly find one. Moreover, with the scarcity of parts, it has made repair and keeping the amplifiers with orginal spareparts difficult.

Moreover, electronic items have a cetain lifespan. Watches, being mechanical can last s fir several hundred years with proper usage. Without the need for more space, it has also made storge easy.
Instead of collecting vintage gears, I have ,in fact, spent more time listening to good recording and search for good recording first edition CD..

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Year end

Having been playing with hifi for several years, I must say that the hifi fever in Hong Kong has decreased a great deal following the financial crisis as well as the closing of the vintage hifi shops. Many of the master sifu as also retired making playing with vintage amplifier a challenge.
To maintain a vintage amp, it will also required spare parts that are difficult to find nd costly...

Given the above, plus the lack of time, my low FI system is serving me well.. Best wishes!

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Korean pop

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Friday, November 23, 2012

To each his own

Music is very individual. Hifi system is the same. There are many who love to impose their like to the end, it's a personal choice..just do the things that you like and listen to what pleases your ears...

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dali royal minuet II

This is my third pair of Dali Minuet speakers. The first pair was sold when I was posted to work in HK. Following which, when I arrived in Hkg, I bought myself a pair of Piano wood. Owing o the move of apartment, I regretfully sold the pair. I must say I m lucky o have found a
Air of mint condition discontinued Dali with full packaging, Manuel and even the gloves..

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Friday, November 09, 2012

Dali piano wood

I am in the process of getting ate piano wood Dali....Haha

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Saturday, November 03, 2012


I haven't add any new hifi gears lately after I have done a major streamline of my vintage gears. I was at Mongkok and SSP the other day and found my vintage hifi shops disappearing signaling the decline of the trade owing to eBay and taobao, perhaps.

I often missed the time where I find new vintage gears but after having several horrific moving of apartments, such thoughts quickly vanished.. Now, I mainly devote my limited time listening to my lo FI gears and listening o simple music using my Music First Pre + Elekit power, which is convenient to operate and relatively easy to maintain. Owing to the flexibility of being able to switch power tubes from KT 66 to EL34 to 350c tubes to any 6L6 tubes, it still gives me the joy of having the varieties without the need to change gears, a good compromise I guess...

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Rolex 1016 gilt

This is the latest transaction or Rolex 1016 gilt dial

Just sent in my nearly found Rolex 1016 gilt dial to Rolex center for servicing...

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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Rolex embossed crown

Theses are 1950s Rolex with embossed Rolex crowns. Really love the textured dials.

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Location:Buckley Rd,,Singapore

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Vintage Rolex 1930s-40s-50s

These lovely watches are from the 1930s,40s, and 1954..

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Location:Princess Margaret Road Link,,Hong Kong

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I have just reconnect with my hifi buddies Richard and KY and it bring back fond memories of the nice time..I remembered clearly when I came to Hong Kong 7 years ago, my initial set up was the simple Elekit with the Rogers LS3/5a. Perhaps, I should try to find one set for old time sake?

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

優客李林: 昨日。今日。永遠

1995 年,你們在那裡?我剛出來社會工作幾年。如今,重聽優客李林的昨天。今日。永遠,想起了昨日剛進入社會的我,也想一想今日的我,從新加坡到越南,又到柬埔寨,台灣,到香港,一轉,十幾年己過。雖然,人事全非,但是,慶幸,好聽和能共鳴的音樂卻能保留到今。希望有一天,優客李林能回來。

1993年出版國語專輯《少年遊》及英文專輯《Ocean Deep》。
1995年出版英文專輯《Perhaps Love》、《昨日、今日、永遠》精選輯。

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Andy Williams RIP

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Waiting for departure...but flight delayed due to late arrival of aircraft..

Give me music

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Abba -my favourite band

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Full range speakers

Even though my hifi journey has slowly evolved into low-fi, I am still having much fun with the newly acquired Fullrange speakers made using solid maple wood and speakers with huge magnet.

I have always love the pure sound from the fullrange speakers especially fornthe listening to vocal music. Look at the size of the magnets..

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Location:Princess Margaret Road Link,,Hong Kong

Saturday, September 01, 2012


林志炫細緻精美的嗓音, 給了"離人"更詩人般的風味, 優雅而淡淡憂傷, 讓人感動而回想再三.

 妳的心事三三兩兩藍藍 停在我幽幽心上
 妳說情到深處人怎能不孤獨 愛到濃時就牽腸掛肚

離人放逐到邊界 彷彿走入第五個季節
 晝夜亂了和諧 潮泛任性漲退 字典裡沒春天

 離人揮霍著眼淚 迴避還在眼前的離別
 你不敢想明天 我不肯說再見
 有人說 一次告別天上就會有顆星又熄滅

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Saturday, August 25, 2012


Just received this cd from my Taiwan team..

this is one of the best cd. Every songs are full of emotion and meaning..enjoy
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Music continues with 優客李林,林志炫

Even though I am without all the fanciful vintage gear, with only a simple tube amplifier set up, my enjoyment of music continues with 優客李林,林志炫.

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Saturday, August 04, 2012

A poorly managed web forum R33

I have been participating in the Hong Kong Review33 forum for the past years. However, last night, my membership has been terminated as I have remarked to Jacky that : "being a moderator, you should not be biased and should not use vulgar language" in the forum

As a result of my comment to the moderator, my membership has been terminated. What a shame! Talking about freedom of speech and expression? How sad that a forum can be so dictatorial in management..

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Friday, July 27, 2012


I have stopped doing hifi home visiting as I have realized that there are so much politics among the audiophiles. Very often, quarrels and jealousy prevails and kill the joy of music.
With the exception of a few good man, many are craps where self interest and are suffering from white eye and red eye syndrome...
Perhaps, Batman can help...

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

林志炫: 時間的味道

Tonight, I have spent the entire night listening to this excellent cd by 林志炫: 時間的味道.

Even thought my Elekit amplifier is a cheap power amplifier together with a cheap Philips Speakers, the music is so emotional. The singing and the music really move my heart once again and bring me back to the very reason why I love hifi: listening to nice music that moves the heart....

Keeping singing 林志炫! Great music! Great singing!

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New apartment: new hifi set up

After few days of shifting, I have finally managed to un-pack most of boxes and set up my simple hifi system in my new apartment (even after experiencing typhoon level 10).

This is my 5th time moving apartment after 7 years in HK and the experience has really been hectic. Every time I moved, I always worry about my hifi set. As such, given my continuous travel as my lack of time for hifi, I gave decided to keep my hifi gear to the bear minimum and only keep a simple set to listen when I am back from my overseas trip. After all, listening to hifi is supposed to be a relaxing hobby and not a stressful one... With the shrinking hifi geared, the reduction has been compensated by an increase in my vintage watches...which are easier to manage and store owing to the small sizes..


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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Moving apartment

Today is the day for moving apartment. All the hifi equipment has been dismantled and ready to move at 5pm. Even though I am moving from block 2 to 1' the entire packing process is the same.

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Location:Cheong Tung Rd S,,Hong Kong

Friday, July 20, 2012

Visit of Doctor John

I have communicated with the famous Doctor John in the hifi review many years ago and I was fortunate enough to meet him this morning at my place.

I was a shame as my apartment was in a mess as I shall be moving apartment tomorrow evening. It was an honor for me to have him listening to my small set up...
For those of you want to get to know the hifi master, please visit his site:

Have a nice weekend!

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Sunday, July 15, 2012


林憶蓮藉著《野花》大碟,音樂事業攀上藝術階梯的最高層次,經過一段時間消化後,《野花》才被公認為「即使放在International Pop唱片架上也絕不失禮的本地唱片」及香港樂壇最佳概念大碟之一,99年末,更被有識之士追封為90年代十大唱片,和20世紀廿張最有代表性華語專輯。

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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Ella Twelve nights in Hollywood

I have to started to pack my apartment and get ready to move to a new place again as my landlord has decided to move in and stay.

This is my 5th move in Hong Kong and these packing is really tough. After packing for the afternoon, I have decided to take the opportunity to listen to my favourite cd by Ella.

2010 two CD collection. For Twelve Nights In Hollywood, Verve Select dug into the vault to collect the best of her performances across her extended 10-night 1961 engagement at Los Angeles' Crescendo Club - which originally resulted in the hit LP Ella In Hollywood - and her two-night return engagement the following year, presenting an unforgettable experience that puts you right in the front seat at the club, without repeating any performances from the original album. It includes several tracks never before heard by Ella live, tracks she had just recorded or had yet to record in the studio, and old chestnuts she revisited in a fresh way.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

黃文星:  天地

This is a good hock kian cd...which I have bought from Taipei...

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Once upon a time in the West

I am in Zurich for my work. Visiting the cd shop is my favourite past time before dinner. During the visit, I came across a cd, once upon a time in the West and i was attracted by its cover, which has a nostalgic feel. Upon checking, it then realize that the movie was before my time from the 1960s.
I quickly bought a sandwich and went back to my hotel to listen to the cd and I was immediately attracted by the music.....

Ennio Morricone, Grande Ufficiale OMRI (born November 10, 1928) is an Italian composer and conductor.
He is considered one of the most prolific and influential film composers of his era. Morricone has composed and arranged scores for more than 500 film and TV productions. He is well-known for his long-term collaborations with international acclaimed directors such as Sergio Leone, Brian De Palma,…
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tannoy mini authographe

I have owned the Tannoy Catebury. However, owing to the constant moving of apartment, I have to settle for a small speakers for easy transportation. From the net, information, The Tannoy Autograph Mini is nothing but a top-notch audiophile loudspeaker, constructed in a rather small version, for better accommodation in multiple places around the room, with zero efforts and max results.
In addition, despite it modest dimensions, the Tannoy Autograph Mini is capable of deploying a stunningly big sound, with far better imaging and transparency than most loudspeakers in the same range and class: it packs the same careful handcrafted and assembled cabinet with most serious internal damping and strutting ensuring almost perfect inertness for better dealing with resonance and vibrations, thus offering a non-colored acoustic response.
The technical details from the net: The core of the Tannoy Autograph Mini is a Dual Concentric 4” driver, a recognized symbol of acoustic performance and sonic reproduction elite. The DC driver is actually a combo, formed by two distinct transducers, coaxially loaded and offering unbelievable capabilities as a point source-dispersion unit. The coaxial loading allows for a sonic reproduction with an extreme natural sound, never leaking the brightness and the brittle of real, day by day life.
While the LF cone is made from multi-fiber paper pulp and sports a rubber surround for extended excursion and ultimately, a deep, tight bass, the HF unit runs on a titanium dome loaded in a Tannoy proprietary Tulip Waveguide. Such a driver complement ensures a frequency range from 68Hz to 54kHz, suitable for high-def formats like the SACD or DVD-Audio as well.
Hand-wired crossovers and 99.99% Van den Hul internal wiring ensure minimal signal loss and a greater transparency for your audio media. The Tannoy Autograph Mini can deliver as much as 50W RMS in 8 Ohms and with 88dB.
This is my second set of mini. I have sold the first set to a friend with deep regret and luckily, I have managed to get one set back again...
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Location:Chemin des Sports,Saignelégier,Switzerland

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Roman Tam

I have managed to find some old Roman Tam CDs as well as others. The Roman shanghai New York cd is very interesting as it was reordered in the states using the big band and most musicians are non Chinese.

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Saturday, June 02, 2012


Just bought a DIY interconnect using cables from retired navy vessel communication cables. Even this is only a DIY cables, I must say that the price versus performance ratio is good. One needs to run in the cables...

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Stevie Ray Vaughan : couldn't stand the weather

I was introduced to this cd for trick nos 6 Tin Pan Valley. For those who love a good guitar, this 9.10 minutes track will surely move you..

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ultimate Ears triple FI 10

Having the need to travel constantly, I have decided to get a better set of ear phones so that I could continue to enjoy music on the road. This headphones comes with 3 drivers and comes with ultimate clarity and realism in music which make listening a true pleasure and enjoyable experience..

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vintage 軍艦speaker cables

I was in Berlin last week and was on the internet at night and i found that there is an audiophile (back in Hong Kong) selling speakers cables made from old British Navy battleship communication cables. The audiophile Mr. Chen has managed to find some nice communication cables from the retired British Navy ship and as an audiophile, he has converted these communication cables to speakers cables.
Recently, my hifi fever has began to warm up. I quickly contacted the seller when I am back in Hong Kong and to satisfy my curiosity, I have bought these vintage speakers cables made from cables of the old Navy vessel for home to try (plus he promised a full return if i am unsatisfied). The cables Have 4 layers of protection using cotton, linen, as well as a layer of oil to protect it from the salty sea water.. Just tested the cables.

After playing the cables for several hours, the cables are slowing burned in (using special cables burn in cd) and I can hear more clarity and details ..Enjoy
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Friday, May 25, 2012

Celibidache and Mozart

Greetings from Munich!

While visiting Munich, I have managed to visit a huge CD shop with huge collections of classical music.

Mariner has always been one of my favourite conductor for Mozart and I am phased to find the complete symphonies. In addition, I have managed to find the much scare CDs from Celibidache...

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Location:Rosenheimer Straße,Munich,Germany