Thursday, August 28, 2008

阿淘的歌 水路

After some searching, I have finally managed to find.. 阿淘 水路. Heard that 阿淘 has stopped producing CDs.
Wished he could start rcording soon...: )

Of all the 3 CDs, the 水路 CD is the most sentimental and emotional. The first CD 阿淘的歌, the recording is very real as one can hear people talking behind and laughing. The children singing CD is very cheerful and the mood is a happy one.

Overall, the 3 CDs are a must for audiophiles as the recording are superb. Even though there are no grand instruments, only vocal and light guitar, the singing and the guitar sounded very touching and the melody is simply great!

The singer 阿淘 sang for the sake of the love of music and not for can feel it from the songs...

A must for all audiophiles...and music lovers..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hifi for office use

I have always wanted to set up a mini hifi system for office use sinec I have spent on average more then 8 hours in office. Previously, I was hoping that the Scandyna speakers culd do the job but the unique design often attracted much unwanted attention.
As such, I was looking for soemthing more subtle like the Bose wave radio/CD player. However, the Bose costs around HK$4800. With a small budget of under HK$2000 my options include the solid state mini combo or this cute looking mini tube amplifier...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Western Electric 124b - Price indication!

2008 June latest transaction for a single unit of WE124b at US$10,000. A pair would be around HK$160,000!
Prices keep going up reflecting a strong world economy? : )

For those who is keen to buy one should not hesitat as the prices can only go in one direction, up! as the demand from the mainland chinese will continue to come in as $ is not big object to the new rich!

If its expensive now, it will get even more expensive in the future!


Monday, August 18, 2008


I came across this CD by accident. The melody of the music is very unique.

Gret vocal and instrumental !

Saturday, August 16, 2008


This evening, I took out 阿淘的歌 CDs and the I must say the recording of the two CD is excellent and the singing is very natural and very emotional!

I cannot understand all Hakka fully but I can feel the strong emotion behind the singing and the rthymn.

During my Taiwan trip, I have visited quite a few CD shops but 阿淘 CDs were all sold out..

For those who has not listen,you will missed the great vocal and guitar harmony..Try to find..You will not be disappointed. In between the CDs, you can hear people talikng or children laughing.. : ) reflecting a live like soundstage. When the children are singing, you can hear the joy and their innocent and singing with their hearts!! Good for cleaning our hearts and minds!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Marantz 7C

When I bought my first Marntz 7C, it was about US$2800..

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Mahler 1 Solti

I have started listening to Mahler and has been deeply attracted by his multi dimensional styles. This Mahler 1 continues to attract me just like the Mahler 9, 8, and 5.

I have been very disciplined in the hobby by not being tempted to get any new equipments. As it is summer holiday in Switzerland, many of te watch factories are on summer holidays, my trip to Switzerland has been postponed. As a result my impulse in getting the Nagra PLP has also diminished as I have not have the energy to start "collecting" first edition LPs. My constant business travel has drained much of my energy as well as my desires to start the LP again.

Instead, I have continued my search for quality recording CDs,..slowly piece by piece without much pressures as these softwares played a great part in the performance of the overall set up as the "source" of music is the first deciding factors followed by the speakers, amp and preamp etc.

I have not partcipated in the Review33 forum for the past month (with the exception of letting go a few small items at the second hand section.) and I have much peace in mind as I just choose to explore the different composers (Mozart, Beethoven, Tchavoski, Rossini, Puccini, Bizet and now Mahlers) slowly followed by listening to the different conductors (Anserment, Karajan, Solti, Abbado, Zubin, etc)..I am beginning to understand why so many audiophiles were attractd by classical music an operas! It is a realy deep hobby. Understanding the composers and their livelihood and experience will enable one to feel more close to their music and what they are expressing!

I shall be travelling to Shanghai again tomorrow and I shall bring my old dicsman together with my newly acquired Mahler's CDs. I guess many will laugh at my old CD dics player since many are using MP3.. Enjoy your music!

索爾蒂(Solti)指揮芝加哥交響樂團(Chicago Symphony Orchestra)演出的馬勒(Mahler)《第1交響曲》(Symphony No.1 In D Major "Titan")給人留下了深刻的印象,索爾蒂使芝加哥交響樂團發揮出了極高的水平,把這部有著不同凡響號召力的樂曲演奏的極為神妙,Decca提供了高水平的數字錄音,《企鵝唱片指南》評為三星! CD 碟印有Made in West Germany 西德压片,大銀圈(銀圈到边至孔心)。 Solti 索尔蒂 - 指挥 Chicago Symphony Orchestra & Chorus 芝加哥交响乐团及合唱团

Mozart die Zauberflote

Mahler 5 : Solti & Abbado

Solti died on Sept. 4, 1997. Decca has released that concert with the Zurich Tonhalle Orch. as a memorial to the late conductor in 2007. The Mahler Fifth laid claim to being Solti's signature piece, together with the Mahler 1
I read somewhere in the net that the Mahler 5th symphony will take the listener on a magnificent and epic journey from despair and longing to love and life. The adagietto contains some of the most beautiful music he wrote, a tribute to his beloved wife.
My favourite track is nos 5, where the end music sounded so grand and motivating!
For a good review of Mahler 5, please read:

Friday, August 01, 2008

Mahler 8 Solti

Mahler 8 :Abbado

This morning, I woke up early to listen to my newly bought Mahler 8 (a symphony of a Thousand that truly was a performance by a million" - Gramophone) conducted by Abbado.

I must say that despite the fact that many of Mahler's work are long , once you can develop a habit to listen to them, you will fall in love with them. The Mahler 8's tune is very attractive as the combination of symphonie, vocal and chorus were superb!I like the ending..wgich is truly grand!