Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Western electric 124B + Music First Audio preamplifier = Perfect sound

After weeks of running in, my Music First Audio preamplifier has finally began to show its true potential!

Without the use of any pre-amp,my WE124b sounds quite natural and nice. With the Music First Audio preamp, it helps to fine tuned and deepened the sound stage without adding any artificial MSG making my listening a pleasure and a leisurely one.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Altec 755c

I have always love fullrange speakers for listening to vocal and violin and light instruments. I have a pair of the much famed Western Electric 755a. In addition, I have also a pair of Altec 755c,which I have seldom used.

However,for those who think that listening to vocal and violin using the LS3/5a is great, you should also try the 755 too and you will be pleasantly surprised.

One should own both the LS3/5a and the 755...

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Music First preamplifier

After waiting for several weeks, my MFA passive preamplifier has finally arrived from UK.

For those of you who knows me, I have been looking for a preamplifier to match with my WE124b vintage amplifiers for a long time. I have used the Marantz 7, Fisher 400CX and Fisher 50C and I must say these are very good pre amplifiers. However, these amplifiers will also take away some "charateristics" away from the WE124b.

Immediately after dinner,I quickly plugged in the MFA and my first impression is that WE 124 sound is better refined. I believe with further burning in, the sound will be even better..

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Waiting for my passive pre amplifier

Just received an email from UK saying that my passive preamplifier is ready! Can't wait for it to arrive HKG.In the mean time, its just waiting anxiously..

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Great Cds Ansermet, 《母亲的容颜》

Just came back from Taipei and managed to find some good Cds. In particular is this CD by 李子恆 《母亲的容颜》good vocal, very emotional singing, and good stereo recording ..One of the best.Glad i am a Singaporean who can understand Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkkien..

:1957年-)生於金門-瓊林(明代皇帝御賜里名),為臺灣知名音樂創作人。金門高中讀了一學期後,16歲孤身前往台灣奮鬥,畢業於國立楊梅高中,擅長填詞與譜曲。從事音樂創作30年,80年代經常受邀知名歌手填詞譜曲(有江蕙蔡幸娟小虎隊周華健姜育恆......等等)。寫詞又作曲在流行音樂界闖出一片天地,目前發表的詞曲作品 400 首,製作唱片 70 多張。李子恆用音樂反映他對大地、對人類的關懷,藉音樂讓更多人感受台灣的人情與風味。

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The real Audio Note

For those of you who is keen to find out about the true, Audio Note, please read the following:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Western Electric amplifiers

At one stage,owing to the need for constant business travels, I have very little time to listen to my hifi and almost had the intention to give up my hifi hobby. Luckily , I didn't do it as I know it will be near impossible to buy back the same amplifiers at this nice condition.

Anyway,for those who wished to get the Western Electric gears, please see:

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Angela Aki

Bought this album when I was at Taipei airport. Angela's voice is very emotional and once you have listened to her, your soul will be hooked.

Don't believe? Just try listening to : 手紙 ~拝啓 十五の君へ~ tears will flow out naturally from your eyes when listening ..

Saturday, October 02, 2010

My dream new toy~~ Music First classic passive pre amplifier

For those who know me, you will know that I have been looking for a pre-amplifier for a long time.

I have used many vintage tube pre amp (Marantz 7, Fisher 400 CX, Fishers 50c), which are good preamplifiers but they have much colouration and MSG.

I am always looking for a pre amp with total transparency in order to bring out the best from the WE 124b.

The concept of passive control units replacing active line preamplifiers has existed for some time. Conventional passive preamplifiers have relied on resistive networks selected with a switch or rotary variable resistors. The fundamental problem with this type of device is substantial mismatches of impedance either at the source or the load, coupled with a perceived loss of dynamics.

The Music First Audio Passive Magnetic Preamplifier overcomes these problems by using a high quality, custom made, hand wound transformer. This transformer features the largest commercially available 80% nickel Permalloy core for maximum level handling, low distortion and superior sound quality and a heavy duty Mumetal shielding can for protection from external magnetic fields.

A high performance transformer based magnetic volume control. It features two highly acclaimed attenuating transformers and Swiss made ELMA switches point-topoint hand wired into a custom case. It changes output level via passive control in multiple steps to control the volume of high fidelity audio. This passive control unit, by applying transformer technology, offers a material improvement over all previous such schemes based around resistive attenuation.

I am waiting anxiously for the arrival of the little silver pre-amplifier...

Katie Melua 4th album

Finally bought Katie Melua's latest album: The House.

I have always loved her unique voice and her talented singing and writing. One can see her mature in term of looks in the 4th album.

Really like the song Tiny Alien...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New "Old CDs". Chet Atkins in Hollywood, The Lover

 Just returned from a long business trip from BKK & SIN.

Went to the tailor tonight to test out my business suit. After which,went to a nearby CD shop for some CDs hunting and I am glad to be able to find some old Dan Fogelberg cds,(who has fantastic hits such as leader of the band, same old lang syne) soundtrack from The Lover.

The real jewel is the Chet Atkins in Hollywood.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vintage Rolex Explorer 1

Still waiting for the return of Rolex Explorer from the Rolex service center..

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Ella Swings Gently with Nelson

This is another great CD from Ella. Great vocal and recording!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Linda Ronstadt & some oldies

Just returned from a long overseas trip. I have finally has a chance to listen to my newly bought Linda Ronstadt Canciones de mi Padre..

Great vocal

Sunday, August 08, 2010

New apartment

After days of pacing,moving and un-packing, i have finally settled into my new apartment, which is the block next to my previous one.

The task of moving is always a painful one as one has to do so much planning. I have always reminded not to keep too many items so that I need not pack and unpack so many items but it seems like a tough act to follows.

The good part of the moving is that it helps me to get rid of unwanted  and excessive items. During the process, I have managed to let go my unused Boss speakers stand and a pair of speakers.

As you know, i have already stopped collecting vintage amplifiers and only kept one simple set for use in hong Kong. During the move, the first few items that i have moved were my WE 124b amplifiers, and my Pioneer (Tad 300)speakers...

Glad that i still have some time for music despite all these..  enjoy everyone

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moving apartment in Hong Kong

My landlord has sold her apartment and i will have to move apartment soon. Need to start to pack and get ready to move...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Moving apartment Singapore

My new apartment in Singapore, The Armadale, shall be ready in 2 August, after some minor renovation. We have decided to sell away our Thomson 800 apartment and move closer to Orchard road. I have always wanted to stay near Orchard road since my youth..

However, my own hifi room is gone as I am seldom in Singapore. As such, many considered the most expensive part of hifi the apartment. For me, its time...

With my recent new appointment looking after South East Asia in addition to Greater China, maybe I can find some time to set up my hifi system in my Singapore home? haha

Moving apartment Singapore

My new apartment in Singapore, The Armadale, shall be ready in 2 August, after some minor renovation. However, my own hifi room is gone as I am seldom in Singapore.

As such, many considered the most expensive part of hifi the apartment. For me, its time...

Living stereo 60 CD collection

I have listened to a couple of the Cds.. Great Cds collection at good affordable price..

Set only sold in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Grab them!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Living Stereo 60 CD collection

I am currently in Taiwan for a business trip. As usual, I took the evening to visit some of the CD shops and I have managed to find a value for money Living Stereo 60 CD collection..

RCA -Living Stereo的發燒傳奇

世界上沒有任何一個錄音方式比RCA Victor Living Stereo更能夠代表高傳真錄音的黃金年代。這項傲人的成就由RCA唱片公司的音樂製作人及錄音工程師在1950年中期研究開發完成,使得古典樂的錄音技術由單聲道躍升為身歷聲音響,並成為永久性的音響革命。這項科技結合了當時最偉大的古典音樂大師和小提琴家海飛茲、鋼琴家魯賓斯坦、克萊本,女高音普萊絲及指揮家萊納、費德勒等名家的演繹,不但受到消費市場的歡迎,同時也博得專家一致的肯定。Living Stereo將為錄音技術帶入嶄新的時代,並為立體聲奠定了無法企及的崇高地位。

Living Stereo的故事
一九五四年,RCA Victor主導並首次在波士頓交響廳試驗使用多軌錄音方式收錄了孟許指揮波士頓交響樂團演奏白遼士的「浮士德的天譴」。這是RCA公司第一次用單聲軌及兩軌錄音帶同時作業的錄音,這些試驗尚包括了一九五四年三月延聘了一組專家在芝加哥的管弦樂廳所作的細部修正。這就是立體身歷聲音響技術攻佔消費市場的濫觴。

當RCA Victor著手多軌錄音計劃時,唱片製版技術和消費市場的音響播放系統 還是單聲道,因此RCA的錄音工程師們只好繼續使用二軌及三軌設備錄製海飛茲、萊納等大師級演奏家的錄音,以期待家用音響能趕得上雙聲道的時代。一九五五年,立體聲錄放音機終於進入消費市場,同時RCA唱片公司也發行了第一卷立體聲音樂帶,這種立體聲音響帶將高傳真音響帶入新的境界。一九五八年,西方電子公司(Western Elec-tric Company)推出了劃時代的立體唱片刻版系統之後,第一部立體聲唱機便出現在商店裡,同年的稍後,RCA發行了Living Stereo的LP唱片,成為高傳真黃金時代的最佳典範。
在當時,Living Stereo是一項藝術和科技的革命。從音樂的角度而言,藝人能夠錄製一個完整的演奏,而不是僅僅用單聲道製造出一個類似演奏的聲音。如此一來,指揮家可以體驗出樂團和獨奏者之間的平衡,並將全部精神放在音樂本身,而不必為了遷就科技的不是而削弱音樂性。

重新發行的Living Stereo

在九零年代,為了能將Living Stereo重新製作成CD,執行製作John Pfeiffer和他的組員從RCA的庫房之中尋找Living Stereo的珍品。由於這些多軌錄音母帶經過長時間氧化,不當的使用和材料疲乏,難免造成損壞,因此一但找出之後,都必須經過仔細的修復才能使用,而這些母帶當年都是用真空管擴大機所錄製,所以必須要把這些機器修復後才能播放母帶的聲音。除此之外,他們在再製過程中沒有添加任何外來的處理(如電腦剪輯、雜音消除裝置),因而保留了原錄音中優異的頻率響應和動態頻寬。

後來,SACE技術成熟後,也曾經以Hybrid 的SACD格式發行。現在這套60張CD的Living Stereo更首度將這一系列偉大的錄音收錄在同一套裝裡,以超值優惠價格、原始LP封面作為紙套包裝、精美解說冊更完整收錄每張專輯LP原始的解說文,對於愛樂者可說是最佳的套裝收藏。


1. Various Living Stereo Sampler
2. MUNCH, CHARLES/Saint-Saëns: Symphony No. 3; Debussy: La Mer; Ibert: Escales
3. MUNCH, CHARLES/Ravel: Daphnis et Chloé
4. REINER, FRITZ/ Strauss: Also sprach Zarathustra; Ein Heldenleben
5. REINER, FRITZ/Bartók: Concerto for Orchestra;Music for Strings, Percussion & Celesta; Hungarian Sketches
6. HEIFETZ, JASCHA /Beethoven: Violin Concerto; Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto
7. CLIBURN, VAN /Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No. 1; Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No. 2
8. FIEDLER, ARTHUR/Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue; Concerto in F; An American in Paris; Variations on “I Got Rhythm”
9. REINER, FRITZ /Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition
10. PRICE, LEONTYNE/Leontyne Price: Arias
11. RUBINSTEIN, ARTHUR Chopin: Ballades & Scherzos
12. MONTEUX, PIERRE/Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6 “Pathétique”
13. GOULD, MORTON/Brass & Percussion
14. HEIFETZ, JASCHA/Sibelius, Prokofiev, Glazunov: Violin Concerto
15. MUNCH, CHARLES/Berlioz: Requiem (2CD)
16. MUNCH, CHARLES/Berlioz: Requiem (2CD)
17. MUNCH, CHARLES/Ravel: Boléro; La Valse; Rapsodie espagnole; Debussy: Images for Orchestra
18. PIATIGORSKY, GREGOR/Dvorák; Walton: Cello Concertos
19. REINER, FRITZ/ Dvorák: New World Symphony
20. REINER, FRITZ/Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade
21. RUBINSTEIN, ARTHUR /Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 1
22. FIEDLER, ARTHUR/ Offenbach: Gaïté parisienne
23. CLIBURN, VAN/Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No. 3; Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No. 3
24. FIEDLER, ARTHUR/Hi-Fi Fiedler
25. HEIFETZ, JASCHA/Brahms; Tchaikovsky: Violin Concertos
26. MONTEUX, PIERRE/Franck:Symphony in D Minor;Stravinsky: Petrouchka
27. MUNCH, CHARLES/Beethoven: Symphonies Nos. 5 & 6
28. MUNCH, CHARLES/Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique; Love Scene From Romeo & Juliet
29. REINER, FRITZ/Strauss: Scenes from Elektra & Salome
30. REINER, FRITZ/ Mahler: Symphony No. 4

1. RUBINSTEIN, ARTHUR Chopin: Piano Concertos
3. GOULD, MORTON/Copland: Billy The Kid & Rodeo; Grofe: Grand Canyon Suite
4. MOFFO, ANNA/Arias from Faust; La Bohème; Dinorah; Carmen; Turandot; Semiramide; Lakmé
5. REINER, FRITZ/ Respighi: Pines Of Rome; Fountains Of Rome & Debussy: La Mer
7. MUNCH, CHARLES/Mendelssohn: Symphonies Nos. 4 & 5; Octet: Scherzo
8. FIEDLER, ARTHUR/Pops Caviar
9. RUBINSTEIN, ARTHUR/Beethoven: Sonatas (Moonlight; Les Adieux; Pathetique; Appassionata)
10. HEIFETZ, JASCHA/Bruch: Violin Concerto No. 1; Scottish Fantasy & Vieuxtemps: Violin Concerto no. 5
11. LANZA, MARIO Mario! Lanza At His Best; Vagabond King Highlights
12. FOX, VIRGIL/ Encores
13. LEINSDORF, ERICH/Puccini: La Bohëme (2CD)
14. LEINSDORF, ERICH/Puccini: La Bohëme (2CD)
15. LEINSDORF, ERICH/Puccini: Madama Butterfly
16. LEINSDORF, ERICH/Puccini: Madama Butterfly
17. MOFFO, ANNA/Verdi: La Traviata (2CD)
18. MOFFO, ANNA/Verdi: La Traviata (2CD)
19. BJORLING, JUSSI/Puccini: Turandot (2CD)
20. BJORLING, JUSSI/Puccini: Turandot (2CD)
21. MUNCH, CHARLES/Schubert: Symphonies "The Great" & "Unfinished"
22. REINER, FRITZ/ Strauss: Don Quixote & Don Juan
23. HEIFETZ, JASCHA /Bach: Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor
24. BREAM, JULIAN/Popular Classics for Spanish Guitar
25. PRICE, LEONTYNE/Albeniz: Navarra, Iberia; Falla: El amor
26. RUBINSTEIN, ARTHUR/Saint-Saens: Piano Concerto No. 2; Franck: Symphonic Variations; Liszt: piano Concerto No. 1
27. MUNCH, CHARLES/Berlioz: Harold In Italy; The Roman Carnival Overture; Benvenuto Cellini 0verture; Le Corsaire Overture; Beatrice Et Benedict Overture
28. REINER, FRITZ/Mahler: Das Lied Von Der Erde
29. REINER, FRITZ/Strauss: Symphonia Domestica; Suite From Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme
30. CLIBURN, VAN/Schumann: Piano Concerto In A minor; Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 5, Op. 73 "Emperor

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I have not been up dating my hifi for awhile as I have not bought any new Cds or hifi gears lately. Instead, I have just spend more time listening to what I have, which is a true joy..

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Jeff Wang CD 王建復 "夢.途"

I was unable to get into the blog webpage using my home PC which has affected my update...not sure why?

This is a CD from Jeff Wang, a famous Taiwanese singer, actor, DJ in Singapore & Malaysia.

It is a great vocal CD especially for songs. My favourites are:
1. 一輩子 
2. 函館本線 
Great CD..highly recommended for those who like emotionally rich vocal..

這張專輯叫"夢.途"!,,, 對我來說,這是一條多麼漫長的道路,,,
當中就有倛玉,小寒,佳明,沸揮,達偉,思菘,,等老師級人物, 在合作當中,我感受和學習到"享受過程,勇敢表達"!

王建復 簡介

在《亞當周記》中,飾演一位攝影師,並與臺灣演員吳大維演對手戲。除了較具喜感的角色外,他也在《迷幻特警》中飾演陽剛衝動的警探,演技深具說服力。他的最新力作是新加坡與香港衛視合作的跨國電視劇《叛逆戰隊》。建復擁有一定的歌唱背景,在臺灣是多項歌唱比賽的優勝者,包括寶麗金唱片公司及電視臺 TVBS所主辦的比賽。



1. 一輩子
2. 函館本線
3. So What
4. 心碎的記號
5. 毒藥
6. 讓世界忘了睡
7. 愛了再說
8. 感染
9. 瘋了
10. 瘋了- Kala

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chai Chin and more

Just returned from Taipei on Tuesday and I am glad to find more Chai Chin's & Theresa's Cds.
Great vocal music from both.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rachael Yamagata: ELephants

Fell in love with Racheal's voice after watching (and listening to the Prime movie's end theme I wish you love)

Being a song writer with a unique voice, she will sure capture the heart and soul of the listener. For those who love vocal music with a deep emotion, this CD is for you.  Great recording with live like atmosphere..

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou (born March 29, 1943; Greek: Ευάγγελος Οδυσσέας Παπαθανασίου  is a Greek composer ofelectronicprogressiveambient and orchestral music, under the artist name Vangelis 
He is best known for his Academy Award winning score for the film Chariots of Fire, and scores for the films Blade Runner and 1492: Conquest of Paradise.

For those who love electric music, the CDs by Vangelis is a must!

Friday, March 26, 2010


Watched the film over the plane and fall in love with the movie's ending song: I wish you love ...

Written by Albert Beach and Charles Trenet
Performed by Rachael Yamagata
Courtesy of RCA Victor Group
By Arrangement with Sony/BMG Music Entertainment

Saturday, March 13, 2010