Monday, April 21, 2014

Alan Tam

The 1980s was a happy period where schooling and examinations, girls and music dominates. It was a period where I seemed to have plenty of time and energy to do many things. Alan Tam and Leslie were the two great Hong Kong Singers together with 陳百強 and 王傑..artists that sang so well and entertainment were simple. Tonight, I have taken out these old CDs to listen and can bring back much find memories of the past..

Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter holiday

I have spent several hours to run in my Elekit 22 as well as the new CV181 tubes together with my ahold badge Rogers LS3/5a..

Elekit 22

After a busy week in Taipei, I finally has the time to listen to my New Elekit TuTu amplifier. As the 6SN7 tubes that come with the amplifier are ordinary tubes, I have decided to buy a pair of high quality modern CV181/6SN7 tubes.below are some information for the tubes:
By virtue of its smart design of power turbo, the electron current density within the vacuum tube reaches up to the maximun value so that the energ, dynamic performance and saturation of voice can be greatly improved. Due to the use of TEFLON as its base material, the Psvane Mark II becomes more stable and durable. The method of aluminum base oxidization is used for coloring to make sure it will never change color or discolor.It adopts completely new gold plated base pin so that the contact performance at the connection part can be much better, thus the loss of small-signal can be reduced to the minimun level. The use of carbon cystal technology has greatly improved the stability of electrical property under the condition of working or even ultimate limit within the vacuum tube. 

Even without burning in, I can already hear the sound improvement...