Thursday, February 21, 2008

Goodbye Pye Mozart

This evening, my Pye Mozart have left home to another audiophile's home. I have cleared many of my spares amplifiers keeping only my favourite Leak TL12.1 + Marantz 7 + WE 755a for use in SIngapore and the WE124b + NAgra PLL + Altec 755a in HK. I have trie to keep many set of amplifiers but the lack of time to tke care of all of them has made me decided to keep the only set that I need.
With the departure of my spare amplifiers, I have now more time to listen to the music. ..which is the reason for the amplifiers anyway..
Recently, beside listening to my favourite Ella, I have been hooked on Billie Holiday...especially her last album LAtin in Satin...which sounded so emtional and sad...
Enjoy your music!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some Jazz & classical tonight

I have spent quite a number of hours listening to some jazz muisc from Ella and Billie Holiday using my WE124b + Nagra PLL+ Leak sandwich speakers.

This afernoon, I have spent quite some time placing my speakers and now, the music is flowing with better depth and soundstage.

I have managed to streamline my gears to a very manageable level with one set here in Hong Kong and one set in Singapore.
The propblem of vintage amplifiers gears is that once the items are left un-used, problems will arises... :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Rogers Gold badge 金牌仔 LS3/5a speakers Re-visited

I have managed to listen to my Rogers 15ohms early version gold badge recently. There are many versions of the Rogers LS3/5a namely: The Rogers gold Badge, the Rogers Black badge, white balley, the White badge, the pusedo 15ohms, and the later plastic logo etc.
I have owned several pair in the past and I must say that the Rogers Gold badge is the best! In what aspects? In every aspects I must say!
For those who are keen to keep one the classic LS3/5a speakers, go for the ultimate Rogers 15 ohm Gold badge! Alternatively, you can go for the Chartwell LS3/5a. If you can only own one pair, just go for the Gold badge and you will be pleased! Go for the very best!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy Lunar New Year 2008

Happy Lunar New Year!

I have brought back my Rogers 15 ohms Gold badge to Singapore as there are many who asked me to sell...and I am afraid of "giving in" to these demands... So, the safest way to keep them is to bring them backl to Singapore!
Have a nice festive holiday listening to your favourite music!