Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Music for enjoyment

I have not write much on my hifi blog lately owing to the frequent business trips. In addition, the quetsion of career switch has also been occupying my mind lately. Currently, I am deliberating on the possibilities of working in Beijing or Shanghai, Guangzhou, back to Singapore or remain in Hong Kong?

The economy within Asia Pacific is good and thereby the growth in career opportunities. It is not very easy to uproot yourself when you have much hifi equipments to bring along as packing and shipping will alsways be an issue.

Given the current stage, my desire to look for new vintage hifi items has dropped to the rock bottom which, in turn, may not be a bad thing as it has given me the opportunities to spend more time listening to music and enjoy my current set up to its optimum.

Back in Singapore, the property prices have been on a steep upward thrend. This has prompted my intention to sell away my smaller apartment which is currently being rented out. Hopefully, the small condo unit would eb sold soon as the latest marklet transacted price is S$550,000 and my targeted price is between $610,000- 650,000.

With the issues of career switching & relocation, thought of selling my second property, my mind has been very active and busy. Luckily, when I reached home at the end of the day, I could just turn on my vintage WE grears and let the music sings...and bring my mind to the music land

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My favourite Japanese singer : Shinji Tanimura new CD

After much waiting, Shinji Tanimura, my favourite Japanese singer has finally released his latest CD. The CD is not available in Hong Kong. Thus, I will have to order from HMV Japan.
Really eagerly waiting for it to arrive!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Speakers placement made easy

For those of you keen to learn the art of speakers placement, please visit:

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Great CD: Janice

This is a great CD. Janice's singing ability is great!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

My visit to Guangzhou

After 2 years living in Hong Kong, I have finally taken the trip to visit the famous hifi site at Guanzhou Sin Tao Yuen. After taking almost 2 hours of train ride, I took a cab to visit the famous site for audiophiles.

There are many DIY stuff there as well as finished goods imported or localy produced. There are more hifi shops in these building then in Hong Kong, reflecting a growing in wealth as well as interest in finer things in life among the population. However, most of the imported items are more expensive then in Hong Kong.

One of the best shop I visited was the Chi Ping (志平) store - he is one of the most suceesful DIYer who has managed to curve our a niche market and reputation. So, those who intend to produce their own range of products should learn from him. I liked his Chi Ping speakers alot as it could really compare with those International ones with superb finishing and made.

In addition, he has DIY many famous Western Electric items as well using vinatge or DIY parts. Talking of WE, I am really glad that I ahve managed to take the right decision to chase after a pair of vintage Western Electric rather then accumulating so many others. I was once lost in the desire of collecting many set of vinatge amplifiers. At one stage, I have managed to collect 2 set of leak TL12, 10.1, Quad II, Mcintosh MC240, Pye HF91, Siemens amplifiers, Fisher 400CX, 2 Marantz 7c, 2 set of Fisher 50C, etc etc. which has become a burden in term of space and time for enjoyment of music.

When I was sitting at Chi Ping's store, I could listen to very fine, detail, and musical music from his Chi Ping speakers and We replicas, which has made me wonder the essence of music. I have stopped being "active" in the forum as they are more "quarrels" then "genuine sharing" nowadays. In addition, I can also see many audiophiles slowly drwan in the circle of "collecting" massive collections of vintage gears.

Why do we need so many gears since the ultimate purpose of the gears are to reproduce music? I don't know. Perhaps it is our desire to upgrade the sound and music..which can be much fun too! Anyway, Enjoy what you like to do as you only live once!

Cheers and be happy!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Leak TL12.1

After matching my Leak TL12.1 with many pre amplifiers, I like the Marantz 7 + Leak 12.1 combo the most.
I have a friend who is keen to sell his Leak TL12.1 (220V) in very good condition at HKG$40,000 excluding tubes. Let me know if anyone is keen.
The prices of Leak TL12.1 has been on an upward trend. It seems that the prices in China has excceded HK$50,000.
Given the strong economic growth in China and the growing wealth, it is not surprising that prices of vintage gears have increased so much. Previously, Mr. Huang who sold me the pair of Western Electric 124 has 10 sets in his collection for me to choose. Recently, owing to the growing interest in WE, he has only 4 set left of which 3 set will not be sale as he has planned to keep one set for himself and the other two for his 2 sons!
So, with one more set to go, interested parties better be quick! ha ha
I have been quite busy lately with my constant traveling to Malaysia, Singapore, Shanghai and Taiwan. In addition, with the recent purchase of AR3, I have managed to stop buying any more new items...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Cabinet for 755a - New

My specially ordered cabinet for the 755a have finally arrived. The dimension is about 450mm X 510mm using the vintage design from Western Electric. The Western Electric classic design is only 50% of the size, which has imposed limitation on the bass and low.

With almost 2 cubit feet in size as well as the slanted side and curve, it should be able to bring out the full potential of the 755a.

Unfortunately, I have sold my spare 755a drivers and my tight traveling schedules have prevented me from continuing the DIY project further...

Monday, July 02, 2007

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Great CD: Chinese Orchestra music

I have been traveling to Malaysia and Shangahi lately and my current hectic travels have taken away time for music.
Luckily over the weekend, I am able to take advantage of the HK 10th anniversary celebration for some serious music listening!
06:川劇《荊釵記》竹相訇然,尺八蕭瑟,板鼓逗出了二胡委婉 迂回。溫厚真摯的弦樂,索回的卻是那般隱忍的蒼涼激越。
10:京劇《霸王別姬 蘇三起解》板鼓輕敲,鐃鈸緊跟,旦角吊足嗓子的咿咿呀呀裏,鑼鼓點有條不絮德搖晃著它四平八穩了一百年的節奏。一道京胡拉出了旋律,也拉出了夜色深沈的弦樂背景