Friday, March 28, 2008

The Wonderful sound of Tannoy

After one hour of running in, I have finally managed to hear the familiar relax sound from the vintage Tannoy! When using the Tannoy to listen to Holst's The Planets, I can really feel the mood and the atmosphere especially the part of getting ready for battle. Listening to my favourite Carmen suite was another joy as I could feel the energy and the zest from the tunes & sound from the Tannoy!

After trying out many pair of speakers, the Tannoy, I must admit, is my all time favourite as one need not worry much about speakers placement, focal point and it has the ability to play both classical orchestra music, chamber music and even light instrument. In short, it is a good pair of all rounder speakers!
Someone has said: Tannoys are like a Rolls Royce, they are always very refined and dignified, Lowthers are like a Ferrari, spectacular when running correctly but requiring lots of tuning".

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tannoy Mallorcan Monitor Gold 12 USA

I have previously shipped back my pair of Tannoy Cantebury red monitor to Singapore when I have to move my apartment from Lam Tin to Harbourview Horizon Hung Hom.
Ever since then, I have been using small speakers such as the 755a, Leak sandwiched for listening of music in HK. However, with my recent change in taste in music, listening to classical music with the 755a and the Leak sandwiched have been a little stretching for the speakers.
As such, I have started my process of searching of larger speakers once again. At the same time, I was also helping my friend KY to serach for a pair of Tannoy with cabinets. Since January 2008, I have began my active search for the vintage Tannoy speakers. This week, I have managed to find a pair of Tannoy 15 inch Gold Monitor Lancaster as well as a pair of 12 inch red monitor in Lancaster cabinets. However, both of these are obviously too big for my current apartment.
Like what they say, when there is a will, there is a way. After much searching, I have finally managed to find another pair of smaller matched pair Tannoy 12 inch Gold Monitor Tannoy Mollrocan (14 inch width X 24 inch length X 11 inch depth) that will fit into my apartment!
: )
To maintain the 1 in 1 out policy, I have sold off my mint condition Leak Sandwiched speakers to another collector in order to keep minimal set..

Sunday, March 23, 2008

KSP215k Speakers

Recently, I came across a pair of very unique speakers from the 1970s.

These speakers were made in East Germany when East and West were in cold war. Having accumulated so much sound and radar techology from the Second World War, engineers in East German decided to make their own speakers for studio monitoring and broadcasting. Schulz have 3 types of fullrange tht are being used in studio set up. The flagship is TH315 which is super rare and sometimes they go on ebay for EUR3000 now.

The second is KSP215k which is the 8 inch version with a whizzer cone. These were used in mono originally and therefore you will see a variety of colours of metal frame and magnet pastic cap version, but they are all the same drivers. The magic thing is that they have a cellulose dust cap which gives the extended high frequency response.The Ball Ball speaker cabinets were made by a company called Veb Statron around 70's (the space age era) for using the ksp215k at home. They are cool looking with acoustic material stuffing inside. TO mak space for these lovely speakers, I have sold off my JVC wood cone speakers.

For details, please see:

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Small amplifier for Tannoy

I have stopped buying amplifiers for a long while. For my Vintage Tannoy Cantebury speakers, I was told that even a small powered amplifiers could have sufficient power to drive it beautifully.

Recently, I cam across a very small amplifier (7 inch by 5 inch) with 2.5 watts power. I have tried it with my Leak speakers and it sounded great!

I hope to bring it back to Singapore during my next trip back. In the mean time, I use it to drive my woood cone speakers for the bedroom use. Sounded great too!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Addicted to Billie Holiday!

My favourite jazz singer has always been Elle.
However, lately, I have been introduced to Billie Holiday. I like her late 1950s recording as even though her voice has been "broken" and even though the sound is not as sweet as before, the emotion behind the songs are really true and exceptional.
Of all the CD, my favourite is the Lady in Satin Cd. In particular, the song: I'm a Fool To Want you and The End of a Love Affair" can really bring tears to my eyes when listening to them late at night.
The song could easily expresse her sorrow and her pain...
A salute to the singers before my time! Great songs and great singers can really live beyond time and space!

Addicted to Billie Holiday

I have alays been a great fan of lle for jazz music. However, recenly, I as introduced to Billie Holiday. Billie Holiday's early recording 1930s-40s are quite sweet. However, what captured my attention and my sou was her last few recording from the 1950s when her voice has become"broken" and "tough". I love her Lady in atinCd especially the sound I'm a Fool To Want you and The End of A Love Affair.

Listening to the two songs late at night could really bring tears to my eyes. Her songs truly expressed her deep soorow and the pain that she has gone through all the years as well as her many disspointment in her love relationship! Billie Hliday was truly one of the greatest...together with Elle and Louis Armstrong..My salute to the singers before my time!

Great CD Noye's flddle, op 59

With the recent change of job, I have not been very active in listening to my my hifi. This evening, I have managed to squeeze in some time to listen to the Noye's fidde, op 59..

The recording is excellence as one can easily "see" the children matching t the stage by listening to the CD!

What a joy!