Thursday, March 17, 2011

「温柔的慈悲 :林良乐


Using my newly bought Elekit to listen to 林良乐 songs. 林良乐's singing really made me understand what is the essence of hifi. It's about listening to songs that touches the heart. Read from the net that she is not doing so well lately and has disappeared.

If any one out there know her, please let her know that there are still fans out there listening to her songs, even after so many years! Cheers and be happy

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elekit power amplifier for the room

I am on leave today. I have been looking for a mini tube amplifier for the room use for a while. Under consideration was the Unison research simply two or the Elekit TU 879s. Getting the simply two was a torture as the seller is only wiling to trade at far away outskirts. In the end, I have managed to find the last brand new Elekit set from a hifi shop in Mongkok together with my son Keith.

Another reason why I have chosen the Elekit was it's ability to use different power tubes ( 6L6' EL34 or KT 88 tubes) owing to it's auto bias capability, making it a fun tasks. One can now have different sound without the need to change the amplifier. All you need is to change the tubes. In addition, The Elekit is very popular in HKG as it is made in Japan plus it's price quality ratio is fantastics.The kit set is of course cheaper. However, the Japanese kit set is 110v. In addition, since I am bad at DIY, it will be a smart decision to let the expert assemble, rather then creating a mess out of it!

Upon reaching home, I immediately put all the tubes in and do my audition using the normal tubes that comes with the set, the sound is nice even using the normal tubes. Will try different tubes at a later stage,, enjoy!

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Location:Princess Margaret Road Link,,Hong Kong

Sunday, March 06, 2011

林良乐 (Jessey Lin) - another good cd

林良乐 (Jessey Lin) has a wonderful voice. I have managed to find another of 林良乐 (Jessey Lin) cd from Taiwan. The vocal is very touching and emotional! Listening to her singing is the very reason for our effort in setting up our hifi system!

Even though Jessey is no longer performing in public, her music is with us even after the many years. I first heard her song was more then 20 years ago. Times flies but good music stay...

Thanks Jessey for the good music!

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