Friday, July 27, 2012


I have stopped doing hifi home visiting as I have realized that there are so much politics among the audiophiles. Very often, quarrels and jealousy prevails and kill the joy of music.
With the exception of a few good man, many are craps where self interest and are suffering from white eye and red eye syndrome...
Perhaps, Batman can help...

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

林志炫: 時間的味道

Tonight, I have spent the entire night listening to this excellent cd by 林志炫: 時間的味道.

Even thought my Elekit amplifier is a cheap power amplifier together with a cheap Philips Speakers, the music is so emotional. The singing and the music really move my heart once again and bring me back to the very reason why I love hifi: listening to nice music that moves the heart....

Keeping singing 林志炫! Great music! Great singing!

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New apartment: new hifi set up

After few days of shifting, I have finally managed to un-pack most of boxes and set up my simple hifi system in my new apartment (even after experiencing typhoon level 10).

This is my 5th time moving apartment after 7 years in HK and the experience has really been hectic. Every time I moved, I always worry about my hifi set. As such, given my continuous travel as my lack of time for hifi, I gave decided to keep my hifi gear to the bear minimum and only keep a simple set to listen when I am back from my overseas trip. After all, listening to hifi is supposed to be a relaxing hobby and not a stressful one... With the shrinking hifi geared, the reduction has been compensated by an increase in my vintage watches...which are easier to manage and store owing to the small sizes..


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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Moving apartment

Today is the day for moving apartment. All the hifi equipment has been dismantled and ready to move at 5pm. Even though I am moving from block 2 to 1' the entire packing process is the same.

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Location:Cheong Tung Rd S,,Hong Kong

Friday, July 20, 2012

Visit of Doctor John

I have communicated with the famous Doctor John in the hifi review many years ago and I was fortunate enough to meet him this morning at my place.

I was a shame as my apartment was in a mess as I shall be moving apartment tomorrow evening. It was an honor for me to have him listening to my small set up...
For those of you want to get to know the hifi master, please visit his site:

Have a nice weekend!

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Sunday, July 15, 2012


林憶蓮藉著《野花》大碟,音樂事業攀上藝術階梯的最高層次,經過一段時間消化後,《野花》才被公認為「即使放在International Pop唱片架上也絕不失禮的本地唱片」及香港樂壇最佳概念大碟之一,99年末,更被有識之士追封為90年代十大唱片,和20世紀廿張最有代表性華語專輯。

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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Ella Twelve nights in Hollywood

I have to started to pack my apartment and get ready to move to a new place again as my landlord has decided to move in and stay.

This is my 5th move in Hong Kong and these packing is really tough. After packing for the afternoon, I have decided to take the opportunity to listen to my favourite cd by Ella.

2010 two CD collection. For Twelve Nights In Hollywood, Verve Select dug into the vault to collect the best of her performances across her extended 10-night 1961 engagement at Los Angeles' Crescendo Club - which originally resulted in the hit LP Ella In Hollywood - and her two-night return engagement the following year, presenting an unforgettable experience that puts you right in the front seat at the club, without repeating any performances from the original album. It includes several tracks never before heard by Ella live, tracks she had just recorded or had yet to record in the studio, and old chestnuts she revisited in a fresh way.

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