Saturday, August 28, 2010

Linda Ronstadt & some oldies

Just returned from a long overseas trip. I have finally has a chance to listen to my newly bought Linda Ronstadt Canciones de mi Padre..

Great vocal

Sunday, August 08, 2010

New apartment

After days of pacing,moving and un-packing, i have finally settled into my new apartment, which is the block next to my previous one.

The task of moving is always a painful one as one has to do so much planning. I have always reminded not to keep too many items so that I need not pack and unpack so many items but it seems like a tough act to follows.

The good part of the moving is that it helps me to get rid of unwanted  and excessive items. During the process, I have managed to let go my unused Boss speakers stand and a pair of speakers.

As you know, i have already stopped collecting vintage amplifiers and only kept one simple set for use in hong Kong. During the move, the first few items that i have moved were my WE 124b amplifiers, and my Pioneer (Tad 300)speakers...

Glad that i still have some time for music despite all these..  enjoy everyone