Thursday, February 28, 2013

Yter speakers ables

I was informed that the Yter speakers cables are the best match for my Sonus Faber.

Some facts :
To intervene at a metallurgic level to obtain order and homogeneity of the conductor's crystalline structure, thus providing greater compliance of the music signal within the signal path.
Pairing Silver(Ag) and Palladium(Pd) using a new three-phase fusion process is the basic element of the alloy.
The crystalline homogeneity of the special alloy is the basis for the metallurgic harmony found in our conductor, almost as if it were a metal "tune".
It's all in the process:Well Tempered Argentum Alloy
The result of this development is a speaker cable (YTER) that ensures metallurgical coherence in the path from the amplifier to the drivers.

I don't know much about the scientific combo but i know silver and palladium...
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Unison research simply 2 ~ LS3/5a 11ohms

Yesterday, I went to a audiophile home to buy the Unison Research Simply 2 limited edition. He is the second policeman I know in Hkg after John. He was using the Simply 2 with a pair of Ls3/5a. During the audition, I was impressed by Simply2's ability to drive the Ls3/5a. I was so tempted to buy the pair of LS3/5a for keep sake.

My hifi journey has been an interesting one. If I have plenty of time, I would have continued my vintage hifi routes. However, with the need for constant travel, my hifi requirements and needs have changed as I need to ensure that my equipments are easy to maintain and lasting in condition. Moreover, the constant move of apartments have made packing and unpacking of these very delicate and expensive vintage gears a challenge. Moreover, the costs of maintaining these vintage gears are getting expensive as the old sifu retires..Perhaps one day when I have more time, I shall return to the vintage amps but at the moment, I shall just be contented with the one I have.

Originally, I was thinking of just getting a simple and budget set of hifi for leisure listening. However, once you have tasted good music, it is not easy to settle for less. as such, I have decided to even "upgrade" within the limited budget with changing the speakers as priority as the speakers are the final "output" where the sound appear! Many audiophiles have focussed their attention in getting great amplifiers but have neglected the speakers. IMHO, even if one gets an expensive amplifiers, if the speakers have limitation (such as no high on low), how can one expect to extract the best music out from the good system? As such, perhaps, the start of any hifi should be from the speakers and then work backward to get the amplifier etc.

Moreover, given the wides range of choices, should we limit ourselves? This is the question that I have asked myself. With the exception of the large Tannoy Cantebury (which is a lovely pair of speakers), owing to space constraint in Hk, I have been limiting myself in playing with small speakers at a price range of $Hk10-15k. i have decided to my jump out of the budget range with the Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M and it has enlightened me a great deal. If the hk apartment is mine, I would have bought the floor standing Sonus Faber Cremona speakers in order to enjoy the full spectrum of music...
For now, I shall focus on getting an apartment in Hkg first....

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Simply 2 + music First preamplier

Hi-End音響圈好聲的擴大機品牌眾多,但要提到造型出眾、令人印象深刻,來自義大利的Unison Research絕對可以排到前三名,他家產品的特色就是巧妙地結合原木與金屬,製作出宛如藝術品一般的機箱,即使不發聲,靜靜擺在那裡都像是一座藝術品
The Simply Two is the little integrated tube amplifier that has had unparalleled success all over the world, winning many awards along the way.
The Simply Two is not only an important and innovative realization in terms of aesthetics—it’s also an amplifier that has extraordinary capabilities when it comes to music reproduction, especially in terms of image, clarity, linearity and musical precision. By just looking at the Simply Two you can immediately see its simplicity. The circuit, which has become an absolute classic, places the tubes in their ideal working conditions. The remarkable advantages offered by our new technologies, when coupled with the best components available, yield noteworthy results.
The design of the Simply Two starts right at the EL 34 tube, where the valve is matched with a pure class A bias, ultra-linear configuration and an high-quality output transformer. It’s a well-known fact that the output transformer has always been the most critical and important component in valve amplifiers, so for this reason our research concentrated on this component from the very beginning. We have performed a variety of interesting tests on the different kinds of windings for transformers, and in the end we have found an ideal solution by using low magnetic sparse flux and low stray capacitance.
In addition, the wooden parts used in this amplifier have a very important role: they reduce the mechanical resonances of the chassis so that the tubes can operate in ideal conditions without vibrations.
For the 15th anniversary of our prestigious and highly successful amplifier, we have proposed the Simply Two integrated amplifier as a limited series.

Unison Research Simply 2 + Music First passive preamplier + Matisse + Sonus Faber Cremona auditor M SE

In summary, the Unison Research Simply 2 tube integrated amplifier produces active music with smoothness and quick transient and elasticity plus a splendid high low frequency performance. The magnificent scene control is not vulgar, so long as the choice loudspeaker effectiveness for a period of time rate do not have too to be low, then it will be able to have the very good performance.

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Unison research simply 2 (15th anniversary limited edition)

I have always been lucky in my search for objects of desires. After some searching, I have managed to find a set of Unison research simply 2 at a very good price and found not the normal Simply 2 but the 15th anniversary limited edition. Only 1000 units were produced and the Hong Kong agent was allotted 50 units then.
There are a many reasons for my search of the Simply 2. Firstly, this is a single ended class A amplifier and there isn't many single ended tube amplifier available in the market. For those who have heard the single ended amplifier, can surely remember that the music from the single ended amplifier is superb! The only set back of single ended amplifier is the low power which needed a high sensitive speakers.
Secondly, it has a nominal impedance of 4 ohms that can match nicely with my Sonus Faber, which is also 4 ohms. Previously, the matching of the impedance has also been a challenge for me.
Thirdly, from the visual point of view, the colour of the wood panel of the Unison Research Simply 2 matches nicely with the colour of my Italian speakers. In the past, the look of the amplifier and speakers were not important to me. However, being a brand person who love beautiful objects, it will also be nice to find beautiful and yet nice sounding hifi and I must say that The Italian did it again with beautifully hand crafted amplifier and speakers. After all, when one is listening to music with our ears, our eyes very often will look in front and naturally the speakers and amplifier will be the objects of viewing.
The fourth reason is the relatively cheap costs as under Hk$10,000 amplifier is really value for money when one compare the sound versus price ratio. The original retail selling price was Hk$19000. There are many improvements made for the limited edition series including the volume remote, silver wiring for internal circuit, better speakers connectors, as well as improved transformers.
Moreover, the simply 2 only uses 2 EL34 tubes and two ECC82 tubes making switching of different tubes manageable and inexpensive.

Many years ago, I used to own the Unison Research Simply 4, and I am quite familiar with the sound....lovely!
Its like time travel back to the days when I discovered the great sound from tube amplifier.
In summary, the differences between the old Simply 2 versus the SE special edition includes:
1. The SE has a remote for volume control
2. The SE has a metal plate on top of the amp
3. The SE has upgraded the speakers connectors plugs behind as we'll as used a improved transformers and silver wiring in its circuit
4. The wood used for the panels have changed.
5. The SE has a removable power cord socket.

Some reviews:

The simply two is a very well build and beautifully crafted amplifier. The size is slightly bigger then my Elekit amplifier and weigh much heavier. As my Sonus Faber has been ran in, the amplifier sings beautifully together with the Sonus Faber. With the good sound and beautiful design, what more can we ask?

What is the single ended?

The single-ended stage is the type of output stage used in the venerable Fender champ guitar amplifier and countless millions of early radios and tv's. It is making a comeback in high-end vacuum tube audio in the form of the single-ended triode stage, which supposedly is the "ultimate" in hi-fi sound reproduction. It is as inefficient as it is good sounding, putting out very low power levels in comparison to push-pull output stages. Another problem with this type of stage is the transformer must handle a continuous DC current. This results in a physically larger and more costly output transformer, which must be gapped to prevent saturation of the core due to this offset DC current.

‧工作方式 : 純 A 類放大單端輸出
‧輸出功率 : 每聲道約 12 瓦
‧輸出阻抗 : 4 或 8 歐姆對應
‧輸入阻抗 : 47 K 歐姆/50 uF
‧負回授 : 10dB 消耗功率 : 85瓦
‧使用真空管 : ECC82 / 2AU7 × 2;EL34 / 6CA7 × 2
‧外型尺吋(寬×深×高) : 27.5 × 37.5 × 16.5 公分
‧重量 : 14 公斤
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Italian amplifier

Following my acquisition of the Sonus Faber speakers which are Italian by birth, i am now in search of an Italian amplifier, the Unison Research simply 2. I used to own the simply 4 many years ago and I can still remember the nice amplifier outlook and sound.
For those of you who wants to know more of this beauty, please see below

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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year

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