Sunday, June 22, 2008

Verdi Aida : Solti & Abbdo

I have been listening to much opera lately with Turanto, La Boheme, to Bizet Carmn, and Verdi Aida.

Even without the pre amplifier, the natural and yet beautiful sound of the Western Electric was something that I truly love.

I have since several months ago, reduced my collection of amplifiers and keep very minimal set for listening in Singapore & Hong Kong. In addition, I have not partcipated in any hifi forum lately which has given me peaceful time for the enjoyment of music after a hard days work.

Slowly, the search for better recording CDs became more important then the gear itself as the source of music (i.e. CDs) are often neglected by audiophiles. In the end, the amplifiers and the pre-amplifiers function are to produce the sound from the source and if the source is bad, it will be counter productive to keep working on the gears..

Since I do not have the time for setting up of LP system, and the constant cleaning of the LPs, the search for good CDs became obvious! Enjoy! Really like the March from Verdi's Aida! So grand!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

27 Preamplifier

The concept of using 27 tubes for preamplifer was not new as I have heard it almost 3 years go. Unfortunately, the commercial version was not out in the market yet. Recently, there was quite a lot of news of the 27 Preamplifier in the news and there is a shop in Mongkok selling the 27 preamplifier at very reasonable price HK$3500 for a finished product and HK$800 for the kit set.
Not sure of the sound yet..will check it out soon! Stay tuned!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Goodbye Nagra PLL

Yesterday, after using the PLP for a while and after much consideration, I have decided to upgrade my pre amplifier to the Nagra PLP and advertise for sale of my Nagra PLL I have tell myself I will tart the search only after letting go the PLL..

The responses for the the PLL was overwhelming and I have decided to cut love my Nagra PLL to a fellow audiophile.

My search for the PLP will be an exciting one as I shall be getting it direct from Switzerland ... : )

In the mean time, I am using my Western Electric 124b direct from CD to amplifiers to Speakers without any pre-amplifier.

According to my Taiwanese audiophile friends and from the audiophile Mr Huang whio has cut love his spare set of WE124b to me, they love to use the Western ELectric 124b gears without any pre-amplifiers as they find the sound most natural! They have compared it with using classic preamplifier such as the Marantz 7 and Fisher 400CX..

The search is on...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Time for music

With my recent change of job and the recent company acquisition of another company, I have been real busy with work.

I have not visited any hifi shop or attend any hifi party or participating in hifi forum for a while. Neverthess, I have been able to "steal" some time at night to listen to my favourite music with my current set up.

The essence of hifi is perhaps lies in the joy of listening to your favourite peace and in full harmony...

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Neil Diamond - Home Before Dark

My first contact with Neil Diamonds songs was in the 1980s when David, my brother bought back Neil diamonds LP with songs like Song Sung Blue, Love on the Rock, Septermber Morn,.. that easily captured my attention with the very unique voice.

Home Before Dark is the long awaited new album from legendary artist Neil Diamond who has managed to win both the US & UK number 1 charts!

Home Before Dark was produced by legendary producer Rick Rubin who also produced Neil’s critically acclaimed 12 Songs.

When listening to Home before Dark using the 755a speakers, this album clearly bring out the strength of the 755a speakers where most songs feature just the barest of musical embellishments and pure vocal...

Listening to this album is to listen to Neil Diamonds vocal its purest form...