Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The end of 2009~~

The year 2009 is coming to an end.

This years has been a tough one for many with the repercussion from the collapse of the banks, the uncertainties of the economy, the retrenchment, the losing of confidences in the banking and financial sector, the rebound of the property markets and the stocks etc.

Despite the tough market and the need for constant business travel, I have managed to find some time to listen to my music, source for many first edition Cds, as well as further streamlined my hifi collection and learnt more about the music that I have listened.

In addition, the year 2009 has also been a busy one with the selling of my Singapore property during the height of the property boom as well as the buying of a new property yesterday. The search has been a tough one as location, design, direction facing and convenient are major consideration.

Nevertheless, during the December month, I have also managed to take a nice holiday to Egypt followed by home leave back to Singapore and another short trip to Malacca with my family. 2009 has also been a year for the revival of my vintage watch collection~~

Enjoy the festive period and the music! Cheers from Singapore!

純音樂 -《夜闌人靜之一~二-2CD








  這裡有一首西洋古典作品,PAVANNE,老朋友DAVID PACKER改編為口琴既二胡重奏。這個組合及安排在《辛小紅》二胡已成功地嘗試過,是駕輕就熟,口琴的清脆跟二胡的憂怨是很「配親」的對比。



Home trip~~

After my Malacca trip, I was back home in Singapore busy meeting the house agent and went to law firm to confirm the purchase of my new apartment. It was truly a tiring day~~happy one too~~

In between my rushing, I have also managed to visit an old CD shop and managed to find the old CDs by the late comedian 梁醒波~~Don Mclean and an old Chinese instrument music

夜闌人靜之二 ~~

My new apartment shall be ready in the middle of the year and my porject of setting up a simple hifi room shall commence then..In the mean time, just relax..

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a belated Merry Christmas!

I have not updated my blog lately as I was busy traveling to Egypt, following which a business trip to Shanghai and then back to Singapore and Malacca for Christmas break with my family.

While in Malacca, I have managed to find an old casette and CD shop. In the shop, I was lucky to be able to find some new old stocks Nat King Cole CDs, Frank Sinatra CDs, as well as some nice classical Cds.

It was a really fun trip!