Friday, October 28, 2011

Chai chin

Just found one 1989 cd...

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Thursday, October 20, 2011


1984 愛我·孤獨之旅
1984 什麼時候
1985 但願長醉
1985 單色夢
1986 昨日夢已遠
1987 驛動的心
1988 一世情緣
1988 跟往事乾杯
1989 多年以後·再回首
1989 想哭就哭·我還有夢
1989 心歌I

1990 心歌II
1991 一個人
1991 旅
1992 有空來坐坐
1993 別讓我一個人醉
1993 姜育恆不朽金曲精選I
1993 生命與愛(韓語專輯)
1994 姜育恆不朽金曲精選II
1994 痛快的歌
1995 其實我真的很在乎
1996 男人的心也會痛
1997 地圖
1997 兩個永恆

2000 女人的選擇
2000 愛我,你怕了嗎
2000 往事回味精選1
2000 往事回味精選2
2003 劉家昌之歌I
2003 劉家昌之歌II

2010 《愛的痕迹》。。。
2011 我和我的朋友

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Willie again

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Soul jazz

This is one of the classic William So jazz CD from the 1997.. It's a must for audiophiles who wants great recording, vocal and saxaphone..

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Willie Nielson Healing hands of Time

This is a special Willie Nelson CD as the arrangement of this music is unique. Willie takes 6 of his own previously released songs, and 4 other very familiar tunes, and records them with an orchestra, torch song style.

Willie's unique vocal style sets the tone for this CD, and the orchestra provides the mood. The combination of the two makes for a sound that is richer and more profound than his original recordings. Highly recommended with 5 stars rating

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Dangerous liaisons sound track

This is one of my all-time favorite soundtracks from the 1989. The soundtracks are nice as its music perfectly evokes the film's spirit and themes by combining historically pertinant pieces by Handel ,Bach, and Gluck, with original compositions by George Fenton. From the soundtrack despairing passion undercuts selections like "Beyond My Control" and "A Final Request", reminding the listener of the film's dark emotions and actions. There are also the lighter moments with "Emilie" and "Ombra mai fu."

It's a must for those love classical and opera..5 stars ratings

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