Thursday, October 31, 2013

Musical fidelity X PSU and power tech clear box.

I took this afternoon half day leave to try to sort out my hifi needs.

Even though my Muiscal Fidelity x24 comes with a power adaptor, in order to fully enhance the X 24, there will be a need to get an external power supply unit. I have tried finding for a long time and finally found the Muiscal fidelity X PSU. Even though this is the older PSU, at least it's made in Englland while the new Musical Fidelity are now made in Taiwan..

In addition, I have also bought a power tech clear box to ensure a cleaner power supply to my X Psu unit. It has been a busy afternoon but a very fulfilling one as I can see the vast improvement and refinement in the quality of sound from my system and this constant improvement is really a fun exercise. These small changes are not expensive but it really help to bring the best out of the system.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

755a replica

For those who is keen on the 755a replica..

Altec 755a full range speakers

"My vintage hifi journey come back continues with these Altec 755a Fullrange speakers. With the  Aletc 755a, I am slowing recovering lost grounds. Since I have the original cabinets, it will make sense for me to keep a set of the 755a.. Sometimes, one needs to lose something before one knows how to treasure it..

I cannot remember why I sold my WE 755a??? Anyway, I am glad to find back a close alternative Altec 755a.. Life is good!


The below photo and web page are my inspiration in playing with these 755 full range speakers..

Some interesting article..

Monday, October 28, 2013

Dan Fogelberg Greatest hits

Lying on the bed in Bangkok, my only music source is my ipad. Luckily, I have some favourite songs stored and tonight it's Dan's songs from the 1980s when I was in my junior college. Times flies and it's almost 30 years ago.... How I wished I am young again...

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Vintage gears..

My vintage hifi fever continues to gather momentum. I am extremely happy with my LS3/5a gold badge, the Chartwell, the Spendor ls3/5a..fully cleaned. I am in the process of upgrading my 755fullrange speakers...exciting time!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Early Chartwell LS3/5a

Following my finding of the Rogers Gold badge, I am hoping to upgrade my Chartwell to the early model or the symphony project. There is a seller asking for very high price giving me hesitation. Many of the Chartwell in the market are not in very good shape with either holes behind of looks very run down. Look like I need to wait...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bee Gees : this is where I came in

 This Is Where I Came In 

Thesis a very special BeeGees Cd as in 2001, the group released what turned out to be their final album of new material as a group, This Is Where I Came In. The album was another success, reaching the Top 10 in the UK (being certified Gold), and the Top 20 in the US. The title track was also a UK Top 20 hit single. The album gave each member of the group a chance to write in his own way, as well as composing songs together. For example, Maurice's compositions and leads are the "Man in the Middle" and "Walking on Air," while Robin contributed "Déjà Vu," "Promise the Earth," and "Embrace," and Barry contributed "Loose Talk Costs Lives," "Technicolour Dreams", and "Voice in the Wilderness". The other songs are collaborative in writing and vocals. 

The music for this album is quite varied and different from their previous albums. My favourite is the Wedding day. I am very glad to be able to listen to Bee Gees during my school days (from LP) to now CDs.. For me, the Bee Gees music is not oldest or classic but the music that is contemporary and modern....

Bee Gees live forever...

Spendor LS3/5a cleaned

After much cleaning with oil lemon oil ...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

Eason Chan The Key

I am glad to receive this autographed cd from Eason ...

Andrea Bocelli

The very Best of Eagles!

I have been listening to many of the classic hits ..popular during my early school days. This is a great cd with many great hits such as take it easy, peaceful easy feeling, Desperado, Tequila sunrise, hotel California etc...

Great CD! Of all the songs, my love is for the Lyin eyes as you can feel the song and the story behind the song. There re not many songs nowadays that can tell a story...

My love for hifi and listening to hifi starts from my brother David who introduces me to groups like Air Supply, Eagles, Flatwood Mac etc...

Don McLean American Pie

This is one of the best CD for Don McLean with many nice hits such as American Pie, Vincent...

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Spendor LS3/5a

I have just returned from a trip to Taipei followed by Sydney.

This evening, I have spent the first half of the evening cleaning my newly acquired Spendor LS3/5a. Following which, I have played Sky's violin using the Spendor. Playing violin using the Ls3/5a is always musical and magical...

One of the key question is what are the sound differences between the Rogers versus the Spendor. The Spendor's are more transparent, it projects a larger soundstage, and do a better job resolving inner details. The Roger however is more emotional and warm.. For many who like the more modern sound would prefer the Spendor LS3/5a. I guess this is the reason why there are many who love the Spendor..

For me, I think each has its own merits and the gold badge is definitely best in playing meloncholy music while the Chartwell is excellent in livelier music and the Spendor truly musical... The Spendor 15 ohms is rarer compare to its 11ohms speakers as there is not many in the second hand market. Given the sonic differences, no wonder there are many audiophiles who collects all types of  LS3/5a speakers...

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Agnetha Faltskog new CD "A"

One of my favourite singer Agnetha ...ex ABBA. Didn't see the album in Hkg and have to travelled all the way to Sydney to buy...

Information from Wikepedia.

On 10 May 2013 (13 May in the UK; 14 May in North America), Fältskog released a new album called "A", produced by Jörgen Elofsson and Peter Nordahl. In the UK, the first single "When You Really Loved Someone" had previously been released for download on 11 March, with the accompanying video also released on the same day. In Germany, the first single was "The One Who Loves You Now" and it was also released for download on 11 March 2013. The album includes a duet with Gary Barlow of Take That, called "I Should've Followed You Home". In June 2013, officials from Universal Records in The Netherlands revealed that 600,000 copies of 'A' were sold in the first two months after the release. A TV special made by the BBC helped the album reach number six in the UK Charts. The album made the top five in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Australia. The first single from the "A" album to be released in the US, Dance Your Pain Away, was released on 28 May 2013. The digital single included two new mixes by Smash Mode.[21] "Dance Your Pain Away" was released internationally as a single on 15 July 2013.[22]

On 17 May 2013, Fältskog was awarded the SKAP 2013 Kai Gullmar Memorial Award at the Stockholm release party for "A".[23]

Sky's violin Sydney

I was walking around Pitt street yesterday and saw some one performing violin in the open space. His violin was so musical that I have to get a CD from him.. Full of emotion...

For those who is keen to listen and buy the cd, please email :

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

History of my Gold badge LS3/5a

Ever since I am able to find back Rogers Gold badge, my heart is always very joyful. Having. Made the mistakes of selling away a pair of My previous gold badge, the experience has made me treasure my existing very good condition Ls3/5a much more. 

There are many who are critical of the LS3/5a (including me who previously has tried to go for the speakers that give ultimate high and low sound extension, clarity in sound stage and absolute hifi experience). The new speakers sounded fantastic, but my heart still has an empty hole to fill and after some soul searching, I have realized that the new speakers lacked the soul, pun fully intended...

Even though like what many has said, LS-3/5a也是有它的缺點的,它在高低頻的延伸上總是不盡人意, 但是,喜歡LS-3/5a濃郁的中頻,我也是其中之一,被LS-3/5a慣壞了耳朵之後,聽到它牌的小喇叭總會覺的中頻不夠好,人聲不夠美 (除了755a,755c Fullrange 喇叭).

Since I have intended to keep the Gold badge for good, have been curious to know who is the previous owner of my Roger Gold badge LS3/5a.

From the back of the speakers, I can see two black stickers with the word Aldeburgh Music center from UK. My guess is that these old speakers were previously used and stored by the Aldeburgh music Center until these become obsolete and sold.

I am happy to be able to recycle these old speakers and keep using them for many more years... If anyone has more information on the music center, please let me know..

Email from Spendor

I have written to Spendor and us surprised to receive a reply from Spendor and confirming that my set of Ls3/5a 15 ohms was produced in 1986, 27 years ago .....

Spendor LS3/5a

I know I should stay focus  and aim at upgrading my Chartwell LS3/5a to an earlier Chartwell model. However, having read the Spendor story, and having read Ah Meng's book stating that Spendor LS3/5a has actually used very good parts and components for their LS3/5a, I have decided go search for one.

I have never heard the Spendor LS3/5a and is curious to know the different between Rogers, Chartwell and now Spendor..

Even though I am in Taiwan, I am lucky to have a good PA who could help me to collect the speakers from the sellers. ... In this internet world and world with apps, have made communication easier and improved efficiencies. With the ipad, I was able to search, bargained and bought a lovely set of LS3/5a... Enjoy! Life is wonderful!

Haha, I must apologiE for keep talking about the LS3/5a.. I am an addict now! : )

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Spendor 的故事

  史賓沙和他的夥伴Dudley Harwood經過幾年的研究,制定了B.B.C鑒聽音箱的標準,並成布蒚s了一款符合B.B.C要求的鑒聽音箱,後來這款音箱定名2LS3/5A,因2其箱內容積23/5公升的緣故,A代表改良型。
  在六十年代初期,美國杜邦公司成它a從石油中分解出一種叫聚丙烯(Polyproperlene)的塑膠。之後,石油化工業、塑膠工業進入一個全盛時期。這時,史賓沙接到一項任務,就是負責研究使用這種新面世的材料—聚丙烯,來製造揚聲器振膜。在此之前,揚聲器的振膜是用紙造的。雖然,大家都曾嘗試在紙漿中加入不同材料來製造揚聲器的紙振膜,但是都無法改變揚聲器紙振膜的固有弊病。紙盤最大的缺點就是:質量大,造成的揚聲器的瞬態特性不佳; 另外,紙盤的性能不穩定,聲音會隨著空氣中溫度和濕度的變化而變化。剛度也不夠,口徑稍大就會#生嚴重的分割振動。
  很快,Spendor的第一個#品誕生了,型號是BC1,符合B.B.C鑒聽揚聲器的標準。這時,BC1並沒有在市面出售,而是直接銷售到各電臺,作2鑒聽揚聲器使用。使用者都盛讚BC1是空前的佳作,尤其是當時英國著名的錄音師John Shuttleworth更稱讚BC1是最準確的音箱。
  於是,他們舉家搬到了一個叫皇帝坊(Kings Mill)的地方,工廠的面積比原來擴大很多,可以生#更多的音箱了。
  Spendor接到的訂單實在太多了。1973年,Spendor再次把廠房遷到Sussex郡的Hail sham鎮上。設有二個廠房,每個廠房約有一千平方米。在新廠房中,史賓沙更新了很多儀器,使Spendor始終保持的技術的先進地位及能生#更多型號的音箱。史賓沙保持每月只生#120對Spendor音箱的數量。因2史賓沙堅持每對Spendor音箱出廠前都要由他親自測試,保證每對音箱的配對和整個頻響寬度堙A兩隻音箱的偏差不大於+/-2dB。Spendor的主要客戶在西德,有時西德的一張訂單已足夠史賓沙做半年了。但他還是堅持不擴大生#量,好控制Spendor的品質。
  1983年,史賓沙在設計完SP-1後, 倒在工作卓上,他太累了。二十幾年來,2了Spendor,他沒日沒夜地工作,以至過早衰老了。同年7月,史賓沙永遠地閉上了眼睛。享年只有59歲。史賓沙的逝世震動了英國的音響界,他們都認2是英國音響界的一個重大損失,失去了一個領導音響潮流的先驅。
  1994年Spendor建廠二十五年了。黛麗絲決定退休。她知道,她的兒子丹尼克是能夠實現他父母的理想的——一間嚴謹地生#世界上最準確監聽音箱的工廠,Spencer + Dorothy 的結合Spendor。丹尼克不負母親的重望,在1994年,他將Spendor的所有型號都加以改良。同時設計出SP9/1、SP7/1兩個新型號。2了紀念父親,他還用最好的技術,重新生#了250對BC1。在全球限量發行。同時,重金購入B&K的最新數碼測試儀器,研製全新的2000系列音箱。丹尼克之所以將其命名22000系列,是由於這個系列是誇世紀的,是著眼于未來的,將以超前的外型面世!

Monday, October 14, 2013


Just saw these 8 金句 which is a good goal for me to pursue in all aspect of life. 

I have sold off much of much vintage gears and is only using a simple Unison Research simply 2 which is ideal as it only uses 2 EL34 tubes and 2 12ax7, making maintaining simplified and easy.

With the LS3/5a, I have been trying to bring the best of it by having proper treatment of the room, placement, speakers stand management as well as listening to nice recording. These relatively costs economy ways have helped to achieve better sound then expensive gears...

Beethoven symphony no 9 Karajan Extreme Hard glass CD

This is a 1962 Recording by Karajan on Beethoven symphony no 9 . This Cd differs from others as it was made using the Extreme hard glass. I have bought this in 2008 and time flies and it is almost 5 years ago .. This is my favourite symphony as it is so detailed with different instruments and with  many singing together in perfect harmony. I wonder which other symphony can have such an impact?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Isoclean Power speakers spikes base plates

Since I have just bought the Solidsteel speakers stands, I have decided to change my speakers spikes base to Isoclean power speakers spike base. Made in special metal with a Teflon in between to enhance the spekers sound by removing jitta.

Gil Shaham: devils's dance

For those who want to listen yo modern day violinist, Gil Shaham proves he is one of the best violinists of today. This Devil's dance CD recording is sheer perfection..... Where he shows flawless technique and artistry on all the pieces. This CD is for Everyone and Everyone who listens will thoroughly enjoy it. And don't listen to what the c.d. cover says scan to 26 seconds before track 1 to hear a frightful surprise!! This is an extremly entertaing c.d. and is a joy to listen to.

I am living on the 23rd floor. When playing the track 1' Devil's dance from "the witches of eastwick" by John Williams, a butterfly sudden flew and appear on my window when playing using the Rogers Ls3/5a... Must be the music that attracted it using the LS3/5a...Enjoy!

Michael Rabin : The Early years & Ossy Renardy

For those who love violin, other then David Oistrakh, Heifetz, Michaael Rabin and Ossy Renardy are important too!

CD 天書

This is a good reference book for those looking for nice recording CDs..


Monday, October 07, 2013

Chartwell Ls3/5a

I have cleaned the Chartwell Ls3/5a and decided to rotate between the Gold badge and Chartwell with each taking the stand for 2 weeks. Until I am able to find an earlier Chartwell set, this set wil be here to sing..

Solidsteel ZX6 speakers stand

have bought the Solid steel ZX6 speakers stands for my use with the Gold badge.
The usual stand for the LS3/5a is the Foundation Designer stand. However, I like the design of the Solidsteel stand as its slim line really looks cool. The size of the base plate fits the size of the Ls3/5a like a glove.....with no extra space pertruding...


The ZX stands consist of particularly reinforced and anti-resonant frames; taking them that step further to complementing higher quality loudspeakers. 

Improve the Performance of Your Speakers with Solidsteel's ZX Series Speaker Stands

Providing your speakers with a rock-solid base greatly improves their performance by removing resonance and micro-movements which create distortion. A good stand allows your speakers to reach their full potential and the SolidSteel ZX is a really good stand. The shape of the oval pillars and the mass of the top and bottom plates keep resonance and standing waves to a minimum while also providing a gorgeous yet understated appearance.

The pillars are made from anodized aluminum, which provides a good measure of damping over the length, while the bases are machined from steel giving the ZX series excellent stability and resonance resistance. Assembly is very easy, with four phillips screws per end locking the plates in place. A set of 8 spikes is included with all ZX speaker stands for optimum stability. These spikes are very sharp and are long enough to penetrate most carpet, if used on a hard surface such as hardwood or marble, please use a footer to protect the floors, please call us for a recommendation.

Series ZX speaker stands have a wider top-plate (160x190mm / 6.29x7.48” ) and are designed for larger speakers. All elements of the structure have been enlarged, from the fillable elliptical aluminium steel to the 8mm / 0.31“ top-plate. 
Available in two different heights, these stands are suitable for all types of speakers. 

• Stands for Bookshelf Loudspeakers 
• Fillable elliptical aluminium pillars 90x45mm / 3.54x1.77” 
• Height adjustable, stainless steel spikes 
• Spikes protection Discs on option : Disc 4 

Dimensions Base : 
W 250 H 610 D 300 
Dimension support : 
W 160 D 190 
Colours : Black/Silver 
Weight : 18 kg

For those who is keen, you can buy via the net