Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fisher 400CX + Western Electric 124B + LS3/5a

Following Chinese new year celebration, I managed to "renew" my hifi combinbation in Hong Kong. One of my close hifi friend has strong desire for a pair of Fishers 50C mono bloc pre amplifiers and we did a simple swap yesterday evening.

Now, the Fisher 400CX is back with me.It seems that this fish really swims in circle. I am glad to have the opportunity to try this new Fisher 400CX + WE124 combination.

With the Fisher 50C, I can feel a very strong emtional feeling especially for vocal. With the Fisher 400CX, it compliments very well the strong Mid coming from the WE 124 as well as add a further elements of "energy" into the overall musical presentation. The whole music reproduction has more up and down "variations" and the system seems to get "younger"!

Having AB compared between the Fisher 50C & Fisher 400CX, I would say that both combination has its own strength. As for my taste, since the WE 124 has already a strong Mid, I would think that the 400CX's musical and its ability to project high and low will further enhance the potential of the Western Electric 124!

I like it! I would rate Fisher 400CX, Fisher 50c & Marantz 7 as the top 3 vintage pre-amplifiers!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sylvania 274B tubes

The Western Electric 274B tubes are so expensive that I have decided to search for them slowly ( as I am hoping to find them in a more reasonable price). In the meantime, I am using the GEC U52 rectifier tube which sounded good to my ear.

During the Chinese New Year holidat period, I have managed to find a pair of NOS US Navy 274B made by Sylvania from the 1942/3 at a very reasonable price.

Hoping to listen to these tubes when they arrive!
Cheers, Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Great CD from Cuba - Ibrahim, Omara, Rubernstein

When mentioning great CDs, we cannot forget about the musician from the Buona Vista Social Club!

Many of these great singers have great vocal and own singing personalities!

Even though, life may be tough in their country, ther music reflect such energy and passion!

Please visit the Buenavista site: http://www.pbs.org/buenavista/musicians/

Monday, February 05, 2007

Great Jazz CDs Tonny Bennett & KD Lang

Ever since I stopped buying hifi equipmemts, I have more time to serach for great CDs.

The Frank Sinatra Duets CD was produced in 1993 and my favousrite songs include the duet with Julio Iglesias Summer Wind, New York New York with Tonny bennett, I've goy you under my skin witj bono..and many others!

Another great recording is Tony bennett & kD Lang - wonderful world where you listen to two great vocals singing in harmony!

These are the CDs that make me truly appreciate my current hifi system set up.. where all the efforts are really worth it!

Classical CDs

I am not a great fan of classical Cds. however, I was told that in order to evaluate the hifi system, it is better to use a claasical CDs to test.

Mr.Cheng has recommended me two CDs. The First is La Fille Mal Gardee, a Royal ballet music while the second one is Weekend Sound Spectacular consisting of a compliation of music from the movie Exodus, Doctor Zhivago plus a host of others such as music from the American Revolutionalr war..etc.

What a change!

Relax CD - Los Indios Tabajaras

I remembered seeing this LP by Los Indios Tabajaras when I was very young. The "traditional" photo has never motivated me to seriously consider listening to it.
One day, as I was visiting Mr. Cheng from Scitech Audio, who specialise in limited edition CD and firste edition CD, this CD was highly recommended by Mr Cheng.
This CD is the early 1986 version CD. The music from the CD is truly relaxed sound..a trademark of Tannoy Speakers...in this case the Tannoy Mini!
I would strongly recommend this CD for those who want a very relax music while doing your work at home. The 1964 recording is very natural and you can listen to the whole CD with much ease..Afterall, the objective of the hifi system is to provide one with joy and relaxation! Enjoy!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Western Electric 100f

I was down with flu for two weeks resulting in me not being active with my hifi. This evening, I have finally managed to do some simple DIY with my Western ELectric 100f.

The Western Electric 100f amplifiers come with a built in 5 inch Alnico Jensen speakers. To use it as power amplifiers, I have to by pass the speakers and attched it with speakers socket.

The sound from these Western Electric amplifiers sounded quite nice with highly efficient speakers such as the Tannoy Mini. The mid from the amplifiers remind me of the Western Electric 124b but the WE124 has better control then the WE 100f in term of producing sound stage and creating depth in its sound stage. However, considering the price of the WE 100f, I must say that its sound is better then many HK$10,000 amplifiers.

For those who wants the Western Electric sound, can go for the Western Electric KS 16608 or these 100f series!