Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Slow second hand hifi market in Hong Kong

The falling prices in stockes and shares must have affected the purchasing pattern of the Hong Kong second hand sales as sales has been very slow lately.
Prices of vintage hifi gears have dropped and the demand has also been slow : (

Monday, November 26, 2007

Great CD - Mozarts

Mozart has always been one of my favoutite as his music is always very positive in feel and rhythm. David's playing of violin is great and when listening to him playing, one can then really undertand what is violin!

Great CD : Tchaikovsky

I have not been a great classical fans in the past as I only listened to classical one in a while.
One of my favourite composer was Mozart but recently I was introduced to Tchaikovsky's ballet Swan Lake, Sleeping beauty, and The Nutcracker
Of the 3, my favourite is The Nutcracker as listening to it will make one happy with its very lively and musical rhythm. In the Nutcracker, I like the March as well as the Arab dance, Chinese Dance and especially the Flower Waltz...
Even though Tchaikovsky has a very unhappy marriage, and has some indication that he may be gay, his music often depicts hope!

Great CD - Pink Floyd

This is a great CD during my early days!

Great CD - Dexy's Midnight runners

I have been extremely busy with my business travel lately that I have no time for my hifi and blog.
Just came back from Shanghai and I ahev managed to dig out some of my late 80s-90s CD. The Dexy's Midnight runners CD was a popular Cd during my school days where we often played very loud...especilly the song Come On Eileen!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Great CD : Footloose with tannoy Cantebury & Pye Mozart

I have taken the opportunity to listen to my old CDs with my Tannoy + Pye Mozart. The Footloose CDs was one of my favourite during the 80s as this was one of the more popular dance music during the 80s. I remember watching the movie 1984 with Kevin Beacon as the leading actor.
It was a great time duirng the 80s where dance music and parties were common every weekend.
Now, even with these vintage gears, the music from footloose could easily move everybody foot..

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Great CD : Dire Straits CD

I remembered having the Dire Straits CD when I was having much fun orgaizing various parties (it was called "function"s during the 80s- 90s).

During 1985, during my national service days, the Dire Straits was very popular. After more then 20 years, when I listened to the CD once again, the nice rhytem and music came back and I really like the great recording and powerful guitar togther with the very funky sound from the Dire Straits!

I was at the HMV Hong Kong last week and I saw the new re-mastered edition of the Dire Straits. Thank goodness, I can still find my early Dire Straits from the 1985 (Brothers in Arms) & 1998 (Sultans of Swing)..and my 1984 (Eagles : Hell Freezes over)... : )

For those who was teenages during the 80s, hang on to your CDs as these are real nice CDs and are highly collectable now! You will be pleased to hear the music as it is hip again and it will certainly bring back fond memories of your days of being wild!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Rogers Gold Badge staying in HK

After much consideration, I have decided to keep the pair of Rogers Gold badge LS3/5a in HK since I have decided to renew the lease agreement despite a 15% increase in rental.
I have now 3 set of speakers in Hong Kong (WE 10 ich fullrange, 755a and the LS3/5a Gold badge) plus my WE124b + Acxiom preamplifier. I hope not to increase the size of my collection as it will be a journey of no return as one will tend to collect more and more..unless one has the $$ & specae and time to play them all.
Nevertheless, the prices of these vintage gears are on the upward thrend, it may be a good idea for those who want to make some money to get involve in the trading business. However, I have always disliked sellings as there are many who have made appointmentbut didn't turn up (plus not having the courtesy to call...

Business trip back to Singapore

I shall be going back home to Singapore on business trip tomorrow and I am wondering whether I should bring back my LS3/5a Gold badge? or should I leave it in Hong Kong?

Sunday, November 04, 2007


There are a few modern preamplifiers which I like: Nagra PLL, Leben & Yamamoto...Not sure which one will be the choice~~~

Friday, November 02, 2007

蔡琴 新CD & DVD

I was overseas and I have missed the autograph signing session : (

There are some audiophiles who have commented that the 蔡琴 新CD recording was not up to "certain standard". For me, I have found the CD's recording rather good as it has managed to capture much of 蔡琴's singing emotion into the song. Not sure if its due to the charateristic of my 755a speakers which strenth lies in its mid vocal as well as the relax sound of the Western Electric? Nevertheless, rather then listening to the "recording sound effect", I have listened to 蔡琴's singing interpretation of the song. My favourite track is number 4 (you don't know my heart...rough interpretation of the title...ha ha); No 9 (If I am real)..

This 蔡琴 CD is "new" as it was recorded at a mini concert hall and not in the studio with accompanying piano, violin, guitar and some light instruments. During listening, one can easily "see" the placement of various instruments playing (i.e violinist position, guitarits position etc)...which is an enjoyment when the placement of spekers are correct..!

Hifi fever~~

Many months ago, the hifi "fever" seemed to be on German amplifiers (Klangflim, Siemens etc)Fisher preamplifiers (400CX, 50C), Pilot Preamplifiers (215, 913) and vintage Tannoy speakers as a result of "blowing water" at the R33 forum.. However, recently, the fever seemed to die down.

Upon checking with my audiophiles friend in Singapore & Malaysia, it seems that there is no real demand for Fisher or Pilot preamplifier (versus say Marantz or Mcintosh). As such, investing in hifi gears may not be a wise get rich quick scheme as it will be better to place money on stocks and shares. or even in gold bars or currencies exchange.

I have played & "being played" with many vintage geras. Luckily, I need not lose much upon changing gears (except the lost in time..but then it gives me joy in upgrading or merely changing the gear configuration). In my set up, there is only one last piece of puzzle (i.e the preamplifier for my WE124b)..and my wish for Christmas is the Nagra PLL...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Great CD ~ 發燒天碟級CD

There are some audiophiles who buy very expensive gears, interconnect and speakers wires but used "copied or pirated" CDs. For me even though the amplifiers, CD players etc are important, one should not neglect the softwares...music CDs.
After waiting for 20+ years, The Eagles has finally released a new album. The Eagles previous albium Hell freezes Over is one of the best recorded album with classic songs such as Tequila Sunrise, Hotel California etc...