Sunday, November 28, 2010

Western electric 124B + Music First Audio preamplifier = Perfect sound

After weeks of running in, my Music First Audio preamplifier has finally began to show its true potential!

Without the use of any pre-amp,my WE124b sounds quite natural and nice. With the Music First Audio preamp, it helps to fine tuned and deepened the sound stage without adding any artificial MSG making my listening a pleasure and a leisurely one.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Altec 755c

I have always love fullrange speakers for listening to vocal and violin and light instruments. I have a pair of the much famed Western Electric 755a. In addition, I have also a pair of Altec 755c,which I have seldom used.

However,for those who think that listening to vocal and violin using the LS3/5a is great, you should also try the 755 too and you will be pleasantly surprised.

One should own both the LS3/5a and the 755...

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Music First preamplifier

After waiting for several weeks, my MFA passive preamplifier has finally arrived from UK.

For those of you who knows me, I have been looking for a preamplifier to match with my WE124b vintage amplifiers for a long time. I have used the Marantz 7, Fisher 400CX and Fisher 50C and I must say these are very good pre amplifiers. However, these amplifiers will also take away some "charateristics" away from the WE124b.

Immediately after dinner,I quickly plugged in the MFA and my first impression is that WE 124 sound is better refined. I believe with further burning in, the sound will be even better..

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Waiting for my passive pre amplifier

Just received an email from UK saying that my passive preamplifier is ready! Can't wait for it to arrive HKG.In the mean time, its just waiting anxiously..

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Great Cds Ansermet, 《母亲的容颜》

Just came back from Taipei and managed to find some good Cds. In particular is this CD by 李子恆 《母亲的容颜》good vocal, very emotional singing, and good stereo recording ..One of the best.Glad i am a Singaporean who can understand Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkkien..

:1957年-)生於金門-瓊林(明代皇帝御賜里名),為臺灣知名音樂創作人。金門高中讀了一學期後,16歲孤身前往台灣奮鬥,畢業於國立楊梅高中,擅長填詞與譜曲。從事音樂創作30年,80年代經常受邀知名歌手填詞譜曲(有江蕙蔡幸娟小虎隊周華健姜育恆......等等)。寫詞又作曲在流行音樂界闖出一片天地,目前發表的詞曲作品 400 首,製作唱片 70 多張。李子恆用音樂反映他對大地、對人類的關懷,藉音樂讓更多人感受台灣的人情與風味。