Sunday, August 21, 2011

Return of the Tannoy Mini Autograph

I used to have a pair of Tannoy Mini Autograph. However, owing to pressures from my friend, I have sold it to him. These was launched in late 2006 and i believe it has been discontinued..

I have been on a "leisurely" search for the Mini Autograph ( for more then one year plus and today, I am lucky as one of my old friend Richard has cut love his set to me... : )

If you asked me to recommend you prettiest set of speakers, the Tannoy Mini is it! Besides visual appealing, in term of sound stage, it is magnificent too! I have always missed my Tannoy..these little mini Tannoy shall be able to satisfy my desire for the Tannoy sound... This was one of the occasion where I really felt excited with these "new" toys!

Photo of my old set up: Tannoy Mini Autograph + Leak 12.1 + Fishers 50c

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