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Simply 2 + music First preamplier

Hi-End音響圈好聲的擴大機品牌眾多,但要提到造型出眾、令人印象深刻,來自義大利的Unison Research絕對可以排到前三名,他家產品的特色就是巧妙地結合原木與金屬,製作出宛如藝術品一般的機箱,即使不發聲,靜靜擺在那裡都像是一座藝術品
The Simply Two is the little integrated tube amplifier that has had unparalleled success all over the world, winning many awards along the way.
The Simply Two is not only an important and innovative realization in terms of aesthetics—it’s also an amplifier that has extraordinary capabilities when it comes to music reproduction, especially in terms of image, clarity, linearity and musical precision. By just looking at the Simply Two you can immediately see its simplicity. The circuit, which has become an absolute classic, places the tubes in their ideal working conditions. The remarkable advantages offered by our new technologies, when coupled with the best components available, yield noteworthy results.
The design of the Simply Two starts right at the EL 34 tube, where the valve is matched with a pure class A bias, ultra-linear configuration and an high-quality output transformer. It’s a well-known fact that the output transformer has always been the most critical and important component in valve amplifiers, so for this reason our research concentrated on this component from the very beginning. We have performed a variety of interesting tests on the different kinds of windings for transformers, and in the end we have found an ideal solution by using low magnetic sparse flux and low stray capacitance.
In addition, the wooden parts used in this amplifier have a very important role: they reduce the mechanical resonances of the chassis so that the tubes can operate in ideal conditions without vibrations.
For the 15th anniversary of our prestigious and highly successful amplifier, we have proposed the Simply Two integrated amplifier as a limited series.

Unison Research Simply 2 + Music First passive preamplier + Matisse + Sonus Faber Cremona auditor M SE

In summary, the Unison Research Simply 2 tube integrated amplifier produces active music with smoothness and quick transient and elasticity plus a splendid high low frequency performance. The magnificent scene control is not vulgar, so long as the choice loudspeaker effectiveness for a period of time rate do not have too to be low, then it will be able to have the very good performance.

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