Sunday, July 23, 2017

Start of a new Hifi journey: 書架喇叭

I have been rather inactive with my hifi since my posting to Bangkok almost 3 years ago due to the constant travel. With my new posting, its time for me to restart my hifi journey!

For a start, I am now contemplating getting a pair of  small speakers owing to the limitation of space and the choices are:
1. TAD 300 TSM
2. Tannoy Mini autograph

Even though I have the LS3/5a gold badge, 755a full range and the Pioneer Pure Malt VP, I didn't want to ship to and fro from on country to another. Given that I shall spend much time in office, I am seriously considering the Tannoy Mini Autograph that will fit the decoration of the office as well as the space. The TAD 300 TSM may be too huge. Basing on my memories, the Tannoy mini's best feature is their imaging due to having titanium concentric drivers and the speakers are also great at disappearing. With their speed they are amazing on a range of music be it acoustic music, acoustic guitar; with lots of detail as well as great look. I have just reserved the set with complete box and papers with the help of Kevin. 

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