Tuesday, February 09, 2010

TSM 300 again!

I must admit that I have not been so excited about any speakers for quite some time until my recent purchase of the TSM 300. Given the size advantage, price versus performance ratio, the dynamic and detail sound stage, this is one of the "best buy" speakers in my opinion, for those who want to listen to music with space constraints.

Considering the price TSM at of HK$8,500 versus the over HK$13,000 for a pair of 15 ohms LS3/5a or HK$11,000 for a pair of  Mini Tannoy, it is a real bargain! 

The TSM 300 being a studio monitor will bring out the best (or worst) from your system. Given the fact that it has the horn, the music sounded so real!

There are 2 versions of the speakers i.e. the Export (or US Version TAD TSM 300) or the Pioneer S-LH3 (domestic Japanese market version). TAD is basically owned by Pioneer.

There is a 3rd version which is the limited edition using solid wood as cabinet selling around HK$15-18,000 (second hand price). There are two school : one saying that the basic model sounded better as it follows the original design. The other school's view is that with solid wood cabinet, the base will be tighter. I must admit that the limited edition is a beauty but considering almost double of the price, I prefer to keep it simple (and economical, given the economic condition) and just get a pair of simple TSM300. Afterall, speakers are meant to be used for "listening" ..unless, I can find some excess cash : )

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k-dub said...

Very informative write up. I just bought a pair of second hand TSM 300, pretty happy with them so far. Definitely a major bang (sound) for buck. I have yet to hook up the original cables, and tune it up - can't wait