Monday, August 12, 2013

Chario Piccolo star speakers

I have bought a pair of Chario speakers for my son. Since, the speakers are still with me, I have took the opportunity to help him to run in and do some testing.

Even though the speakers are very small in size ( 10 inch x 7 inchx 5 inch) the sound stage it projects is quite impressive. The bass and the dynamic aspect of the leakers are truly impressive and one will not believe that the Sound come from such a small pair of speakers. One of the lesson I learn is that science and technology will really help build better items! 

I am a collector of vintage pens and fountain pens and my collection of these are due to the recognition of its scientific break through during the era as well as its beauty and the nostalgic feel. In term of watch development and fountain pen development, there are no serious break through as many of the modern watches are using the same technology developed many years ago. The improvement comes in the form of design, material used and elaborate dials.

As for hifi, my believe is that there are many good speakers of the golden age but there are also more good speakers using modern parts making the sound even better...

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