Monday, August 05, 2013

Vivaldi the Four seasons using Altec 755c

This evening, I have finally found the time to listen to this Vivaldi The Four Seasons by Hugo from 1998, using my Altec 755c speakers which came back to me after one round. It was previously sold to a hifi audiophiles after I have upgraded and bought the 755a. 

Following my streamlining of all vintage hifi gears, some how, this set of 755c came back to me with the old Altec cabinets.
These pair were put on sales in R33 for a long period of time and my guess is that the poor economic condition has really hampered the desire of the people to purchase.

After some running in of the speakers, the old familiar sound of the full range come back and I must say that these speakers play the best violin music!

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