Saturday, November 02, 2013

志平3寸全音域單元毒喇叭 (limited to 150 pairs)

I used to own a pair of the 志平三寸喇叭in 2006. It has created a great sensation in Hong Kong when it was first launched in Hong Kong as the price versus performance equation is highly favorable. At Hk$3800, it out performed many more expensive speakers.

During 2006, there are so many great hifi gears ranging from full range speakers to LS3/5a and Tannoy, JBL etc. Since there are so great many hifi gears all around the market, one tends to get the feeling that these will always be available anytime. As such, I sold away one pair when my friend has expressed his interest in it, with much regret I must admit.

I have always been fascinated with the 志平3吋小喇叭全音域單元 as even though it is only a 3 inch driver, it is able to demonstrated strong vocal as well as play orchestra music. Having done some simple study, the reason for its wonderul sound was due to its vintage Alnico magnet and "元發聲擴散之音箱邊緣用手工打磨成圓角,形成一種號角效應". As mentioned before, another great attraction is its handmade (人手製造) feature. I have tried some DIY cabinet myself, and I know how difficult the process is and it will be totally impossible for me to achieve such nice finshing result and sound. It uses the Aura drivers.

美国AURA喇叭是30多年的老厂,采用价格昂贵的钴磁材料(也称钢磁或白磁,是一种铝、镍、钴的合金。其优点是磁间隙密度强,矫顽力强,耐高温,剩磁感 应强度强(优于钕铁硼磁铁),体积小,低漏磁场,天然纸纤维双盆同轴振膜,顺性极好的泡沫边悬边,耐高温音圈。其3寸全频单元(编号AS3-75-4FR 4欧15W)被广州志平音响成功装配成音箱,音质取得骄人效果,命名为“毒喇叭”,风靡港澳。

The production of these speakers has ceased and the only way to get them is through the web. I must have tried finding for a few years before this pair surfaced. This little speakers have archived its own cult status as there are many replica Gre Peng speakers around. There is only 150 pair of speakers produced owing to the limited nos of drivers...

Many has copied but I have found the sound different owing to the differences in drivers. Be careful with replica Gre Pin speakers...

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