Sunday, March 17, 2013

Marantz 63 mk II KI cd player

I have finally bought the Marantz 63 mk ii KI CD player. Even though this is a used 2010 CD player, the overall condition is fantastic and it comes complete with the remote as well.
Only two external details identify the K.I. Signature: the flashy name plate on the front and large copper-coloured areas visible underneath. The CD player weight much heavier then my previous vintage Philip CD players. Sound wise is much more control and better clarity and resolution. At HK$2500, this is really the best buy CD player where the sound quality reflects the CD players over hk$10000.
According to a review, the CD-63 is a slim-line budget player jam-packed with every facility expected of a CD player, plus remote volume control. It uses Philips' CDM12.3 three-beam laser assembly with digital servo-drive (DSD), a single-bit converter and Hyper Dynamic Amp Modules (HDAM) to reduce noise in the analogue output section. The latter devices are probably the secret to the CD-63's supremacy in the entry-level arena. What Ken Ishiwata has added to the SE's recipe to justify the Signature tag are a new, over-sized ultra-low-impedance toroidal transformer, a completely copper-plated anti-vibration chassisand improved copper versions of Marantz's HDAMs...

With the change in speakers, power amplifiers, speakers cables, and now the CD player, my hifi transformation is complete. The Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M SE matches well with my Singale ended Unison research SE simply two, and the Yter cables are the best match for the Sinus Faber speakers. The Marantz Cd with its clarity and dynamism will be perfect! All is well now!
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