Monday, September 30, 2013

Rogers LS3/5a Gold Badge

My new Rogers LS3/5a Gold badge have finally arrived Homg Kong after traveling from UK, transit to Paris, Mumbai, Guangzhou and finally Hong Kong.

Even though the wait is a long one, it has been a very exciting wait as the anxieties and build up of expectations are quite a happy experience. 

The conditions of the Gold badge speakers are really nice both in term of cosmetic or sound. The corners of the speakers are still very sharp and even though this is a pair of 1977 speakers, it is still in very nice condition. Of all the pairs of LS3/5a that I have owned, these gold badge is the best followed by the Black badge. My friend KY has reminded me that good condition Ls3/5a is getting harder to find and I am sure I will treasure them dearly. I used to own an earlier Ls3/5a gold tag but I sold them after getting the Tannoy Cantebury, which I have regretted deeply. I must count myself lucky to be able to find an original condition gold tag from Uk.

For those who intend to look for the LS3/5a, my advice is to look for them from UK or from collectors who have bought from UK. Those found in Asia, May ran the danger of changing of parts and modifications. There are many Ls3/5a with the new cabinets! which in my opinion! is totally unacceptable. Moreover, I am a believer that the cabinet conditions cannot be worn out as it may affect the airtight enclosure, which in turn may affect the quality of the sound,..

Rogers LS 3/5a最利害的地方是它的音乐味非常浓郁,在播放人声、Jazz和小型室内乐时,其效果不仅可以乱真,更有令人静静听完后不肯离座的魅力。Enjoy!

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Mark Caplan said...

I just recently heard of the "Gold Badge" edition of the Rogers LS3/5A speakers. Would you kindly explain what makes a Rogers LS3/5A Gold Badge? How do you identify one?