Friday, October 04, 2013

It all started in 2005...

As I was having a short break, I took a walk in my memory lane by going through the R33 LS3/5a 同好會 and saw my first few post in 2005 Sept. 

Times really flies very quickly. After 8 years, when I look at my vintage gears, I am glad to have :
* the Rogers gold badge LS3/5a and 
* the Chartwell LS3/5a with me together with my
* vintage Matisse Conductor , 
* vintage Marantz 63 KI version CDP + Musical Fidelity X24 DAC
* Altec 755c Fullrange speakers
* Unison research Simply 2 limited edition
* Music First Passiev Pre amplifier

Of all the gears, the LS3/5a is the most emotional and controversial as it involves a certain kind of love hate and love relationship where one has to sit down and listen to the music in a relaxed manner in order to appreciate the beauty of the sound. It is not about finding the widest soundstage or the most accurate representation of music. It is about listening to your favourite CDs and enjoying the music. When playing huge symphonies orchestra, it has its limitation but we would not want to drive the Mini Cooper for a Formula one race right? In the end, it's about horses for courses and using the right speakers for the right music...

For the moment, my heart is full of contentment as I am glad to find back a very good condition Rogers gold badge LS3/5a (in much better condition then my earlier set even though it's the later series while my earlier Gold badge was the mid series) as well as the later Chartwell which give me huge enjoyment when I listened to them.

As hifi is a hobby where our taste changes according to age and time, I am glad that my hobby is giving me the joy and helping me to relax after a hard day work or business travel. When I am home from a trip, listening to my simple hifi is truly a joy.


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