Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gil Shaham: devils's dance

For those who want to listen yo modern day violinist, Gil Shaham proves he is one of the best violinists of today. This Devil's dance CD recording is sheer perfection..... Where he shows flawless technique and artistry on all the pieces. This CD is for Everyone and Everyone who listens will thoroughly enjoy it. And don't listen to what the c.d. cover says scan to 26 seconds before track 1 to hear a frightful surprise!! This is an extremly entertaing c.d. and is a joy to listen to.

I am living on the 23rd floor. When playing the track 1' Devil's dance from "the witches of eastwick" by John Williams, a butterfly sudden flew and appear on my window when playing using the Rogers Ls3/5a... Must be the music that attracted it using the LS3/5a...Enjoy!

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